Google to announce 10-inch Nexus tablet with Android 4.2 on October 29?

Google to announce 10-inch Nexus tablet with Android 4.2 on October 29?

Summary: The latest rumor is the Samsung-built Nexus, code-named "Manta," will feature higher pixel density than the iPad with Retina Display and run the next version of Android Jelly Bean.

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The end of this month promises to be full of tech news, as Apple has an event on Tuesday that could see the release of the iPad Mini, Microsoft launches Windows 8 on Friday, and Google has scheduled an Android event for the 29th. As you might expect, leaks are emerging about what the search giant is planning to announce at that event, including the long-expected larger sibling to its Nexus 7 tablet.

The Next Web is reporting that Google is working with Samsung on a 10-inch Nexus -- code-named "Manta" but possibly to be released as the Nexus 10 -- that will compete against the Apple iPad, Amazon Fire HD 8.9", and Windows RT tablets, including the Microsoft Surface.

The site says it's been tipped off on two intriguing specs the new Nexus will have. One is resolution: 2,560x1,600, which could work out to be a higher pixel density (around 300 pixels per inch) than the latest iPad with Retina Display offers. The tablet will also apparently ship with Android 4.2, which was once code-named Key Lime Pie, but which is now being referred to as Jelly Bean, just as Android 4.1 has been.

The Nexus probably won't be the only device announced on the 29th that will run Android 4.2, but it will probably be touted as the first tablet to have it. Whether the latest OS will offer enough novel features to make the Nexus 10 stand out in the ever-more-crowded full-size tablet market remains to be seen, but the success of the Nexus 7 suggests that Google would probably have another winner on its hands regardless.

Are you intrigued by a 10-inch Google Nexus tablet? Enough to buy one over another full-size slate? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Tablets, Google, Samsung

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  • Large Screen Slates/Tablets/eReaders

    I'm not a tech guy. On the contrary, I'm a musician. I've been waiting for a large size table or slate, at least 10", so I can load all of my scores on them via PDF. I'm a pianist, and often have several double staves per page. Our normal size music page has been reduced from 9"x13" to a more printable letter size (8.5"x11"). I've tried reading music on the iPad. It's just too small. Hence, my need for a larger tablet, at least 10" or more. Most of my arrangements are 2 pages long, so a quick swipe via a touch screen works nicely; no blue tooth or foot switch necessary. I read about a new technique of printing electronics on bendable sheets of plastic, quite an idea. And honestly, that's all I would probably use such a large screen slate/tablet for. I've got a lap-top, an iPod, and a home computer. I don't need another computer, just a large screen from which to read music. Actually, a large touch screen eReader that handles PDFs would be fine, too. And, yes, they do make a large screen music stand, but at over $1,000 per, I'm not interested. So, bottom line: is this new Nexus 10" the thing? Is there something bigger out there that won't break my small musical piggy bank? And suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance.

    • There are already good 10" tablets/slates

      that could read PDFs out there. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, Samsung Galaxy Tab Note - both are 10". The coming Surface RT from Microsoft is 10" and it has in built PDF Reader and renders PDFs better than any other Tablets/Pads out there.
      Ram U
    • If you already have an iPod, then iPad makes sense

      All of your media library will play on iPad; also, there is a lot of professional music software for this tablet, comparing to much lesser choice for other tablets (as well as applications quantity overall: 250 thousands comparing to few thousands).
      • As to resolution thing, if it is better than in the new iPad, it could work

        for people who have poor vision but for some (strange) reason does not wear glasses. It is because iPad's screen has Retina quality only for 14-16" working distance -- which is typical real-life situation, but not for cases when some myopic people try to move the device much closer to their faces instead of using glasses. In such cases better resolution will make difference.

        However, this is very rare scenario, so any usual use pattern would only require iPad-like resolution, with better DPIs not giving any better picture since the eye does not see the difference anyway.

        Another issue is that while *any* type of Android tablet applications has only mere thousands of titles after 1.5 years of 4.* platform début, there will be as much as just *few* applications that could support this new Retina class resolution. And this relates to musical note applications, too.
  • Intriguing

    Sounds like a potential buy ......
    Have to wait and see what it is .....
  • Intriguing

    Sounds like a potential buy ......
    Have to wait and see what it is .....
  • It's Got To Be Light, Light, Light

    The number one drawback with bigger tablets is the weight. That's why they work so well as sofa devices, not so good for taking on the go. If Google can find a way to make them light enough to hold one-handed for decent periods, that would be a massive breakthrough.

    Until someone figures that out, the future of the 7-incher is safe.
    • This generation is weak

      We seriously need to put people on a weight lifting plan. I would of loved to hear my grandfather's reply when someone said that a 1.5 lb tablet was too Remember books? How did humans ever manage to read about west's law...there was a beast. Sheesh.
      • Re: Remember books?

        Paperbacks--the kind of books you carried around--never weighed that much.
  • $99 N7, pls!

    I'm hoping they rock the competitive landscape by getting to the $99 price point on an N7 class device.
  • Sounds good BUT it needs a micro-SD slot and USB

    Would be a winner, BUT it needs a micro-SD slot so the user can expand the storage instead of paying insane prices for a few gigabytes upgrade to the built in memory/storage. I know that I just say NO to any tablet without a micro-SD slot, and on a 10in tablet it also needs a real USB port that one can hookup external storage/devices as well

    • Absolutely...

      The microSD slot is a must...the $99 and (hopefully) £99 pricepoint would be good...very good!
  • Good

    More competition means lower prices and a drive towards better specs.
    Alan Smithie
  • Definitely, maybe

    Price, price, price. It depends on price. I'd like to have an iPad but I am NOT paying $600 for a tablet. I have a Samsung Galaxy and am happy enough with it. I can deal with Playstore. I don't mind not having iTunes. The thing I would like is a little more real estate (screen). But it depends on price!
  • Nexus 10

    As long as the price isn't too high I want one. I love my Android phone and although the Kindle Fire had a nice price and I really like Amazon, I want a more complete tablet experience than the slice of Android offered by Amazon's Kindle Fire.
  • Nexus 10

    Yes, I would buy it - only if the price is right. But, there is still the issue of operating systems not 'talking to each other'. It would have a Google OS. So this would be an entirely separate computer from Windows OS. When will it all work together? Too much updating from the tablet, to the laptop, to the desktop. Don't like everything being in the cloud.