Google's sub-$100 'Android One' devices said to be unveiled on September 15

Google's sub-$100 'Android One' devices said to be unveiled on September 15

Summary: Google's high-spec but low-cost devices, dubbed Android One, will see their debut later this month at a shadowy event.

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Google's bid to appeal to get the "next billion" online just got one step closer.

The search-turned-mobile giant is preparing to launch its latest range of smartphones, designed solely for the emerging market. 

Invites are said to have been sent out to members of the Indian press for September 15.

That, some are saying, can only mean Android One devices are ready to be unveiled — the high-quality but low-cost smartphones first announced at Google's I/O conference earlier this year.   

Details at this point are sketchy — no word yet on exactly where the event will be located, but it's understood to be in India, where a large portion of these devices are set to launch in the coming weeks.

The goal of the devices are to build devices similar to Google's own Nexus devices, but at a "highly affordable" cost, the company previously said. 

Google will oversee the design references for each device, and will pawn off the development to local manufacturers, like Indian smartphone maker Micromax. The little-known company said it will offer a 4.5-inch display device with a dual-SIM, SD card for expandable storage, and FM radio.

Karbonn Mobiles, and Spice, are also hardware partners.

Devices will land in the sub-$100 price range, making them highly desirable in the emerging markets, not limited to Brazil, India, China, and Russia — so-called BRIC nations.

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  • "ONE" is getting a little overused lately

    I'm not sure why Google doesn't want to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack.
  • Great news

    Can't wait.
  • Another product for India.

    How about sub-$100 for the good old USA? Or are American consumers brainwashed into thinking only $300-plus phones worthy of ownership?

    • you can get the moto g for $150

    • Re: Another product for India.

      Answer: Yes for your second question; at least for majority of us. Also we pay way more for our monthly plans in USA. The last time I went to India for a vacation, I could buy 2GB data for 130 Rupees (around 2.00$) valid for a month. In USA I pay 40.00$ for 2GB data. That is 20 times of what I paid in India !
  • These phones are available here in the USA!

    I picked up the Verykool Android s401 from YIPPZ. This phone has a 4 inch screen, 1.3GHz quad core, 5.0 mp camera. My husband got a Maxwest Android Virtue (Kit Kat). This phone has a 5 inch screen, 1.3GHz quad core, 8.0 mp camera. Best thing is both phones are Dual Sim. This really helps when we travel.
    These phones are amazing and we can choose or switch to any MVNO and we're not stuck in a contract!!