Google's YouTube app gone from Apple iOS 6: A separation too far?

Google's YouTube app gone from Apple iOS 6: A separation too far?

Summary: Apple and Google are headed in opposite mobile directions. The two parties are barely frenemies now.


Apple's license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended so now you'll have to either use Google's video service through a browser or separate application. A mountain or a molehill?

It has been clear for months that Apple and Google have been headed in opposite directions. The two parties are barely frenemies when it comes to mobile devices.

I welcome the split and hope it accelerates. Let's get this mobile divorce over already. Why? I'm dying to see if anyone notices.

Sure, YouTube embedded in iOS was nice, but not a must have. Maybe 3D maps from Google weren't missed either.

But at some point Apple will drop a Google-fueled service that will matter. Google services on Android will simply be embedded better and deliver a game-changing experience.

And at that point things will get really interesting. Apple will eventually replace Google's iOS tools completely. Google will continue on with Android.

Smartphone buyers will ultimately make a choice. Either Google integration matters or it doesn't. Will you be an Android loyalist or rest with Apple's iOS? At some point, the two sides will become very clear.


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  • If there's no Youtube App...

    If there's no YouTube app on iOS, the iPads in my house will be history in favor of greener pastures!
    • Oh give me a break, Peter. That comment was worthy of NZ at his finest.

      BTW, a good iOS app called FoxTube - YouTube Cache is a fine replacement for the embedded YouTube app. I actually like it better.

      But in reality, most people, I would imagine, watch the majority of YouTube videos that are simply embedded in web browsers or in other iOS apps (like Flipboard, for example)
      • Not me

        I use the YouTube App and watch my subscriptions! The Android App is better organized but, at least iOS presently has one.
      • Oh

        And there are two iPad 3s in my house so don't give me your fanboy bs!
        • Your reason for ditching your two iPads is a lack of a licensed YouTube app

          When there are many other YouTube sources available was rather hard to believe at face value. That observation came from your original post. That was not fanboy BS unless you were calling BS on yourself!
      • Is it more compatible?

        If I load it will I be able to watch all the videos that IOS currently 'does not support' (around 50% of the music videos I wouls like to watch). That would be cool and I might start using it more.

        As it is I'm sticking to the PC and my transformer as it's less grief and less annoying.
    • R O F L is S O O O O O O much better than the built-in youtube app, it's not even funny.
  • History repeating itself

    Apple lost the PC market because it didn't have good third party support for applications, even though it had a superior product.
    Risk is the same will happen on the phones/tablets.
    • Third Party Apps Galore

      They are found in the App Store. Which is where Google will place its YouTube app. As the license expiration was a known date, development should be well under way.

      Google still wants us iOS users and now have an advertising opportunity. This one is going to work out okay.
      • Not only does Google want iOS users...

        but Google makes four times more money from iOS than on their own Android. Google needs iOS users more than iOS users needs Google. I expect to see them put the YouTube app in the App Store.
    • This is one of the week argument I hear

      >>Apple lost the PC market because it didn't have good third party support for applications, even though it had a superior product.
      >>Risk is the same will happen on the phones/tablets.

      Bwaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! iOS has more apps and more developers support than any other mobile ecosystem. You must be living in alt. world.
      Ram U
    • Third-party support...

      You mean as in the largest app store where developers flock to first, before Android? Have you seen the accessory (third-party) market lately for the iPhone and iPad? And the iPod? Compared to competitors?
    • Oh my, no third party apps!

      Lord all mighty there are no third-party apps for the iPad/iPhone. What are we going to do!

      I guess we could take a stroll over to the app store and find 500,000 or so third-party apps. They must have been hiding under a rock and Nimos-92373 couldn't find'em.
  • Not sure this is good for consumers in the long run

    It seems mobile as a platform is degenerating in to mobile as an application. Not sure this is good news for consumers in the long run, one or the other will win and the other could become the next IT device monopoly.
    Fred Fredrickson
  • I don't get what people are negative about...

    I don't get what people are negative about... you all are acting like the YouTube app was the only way to play YouTube videos... you can still use YouTube videos without the YouTube app!!
    • its symbolic... putting competitive advantage ahead of users

      Sure there are other ways to access YouTube, but its less convenient. Larry is right that it is a minor thing from a practical point of view, but it IS a small concrete instance of a willingness by Apple to put competitive advantage ahead of users... a slippery slope for any company. There will be a point at which users will rebel against that... Heavens, Microsoft is better than Apple in this regard these days. Apple seem to have forgotten how their renaissance got started back in '98, by giving the people what they wanted compared to Microsoft's manipulative world. How the tables have turned!
      • Yep and there's no such thing as

        Apple is out with a hatchet chopping away all of the content so it really is just a phone. Right.
  • The iOS Youtube app hasn't been working right for me anyway

    I'm guessing it has to do with the API changes.
    Michael Alan Goff
    • According to one of the links, it was licensing

      According to one of the links Larry gave, it was licensing.
      • aack, need edit.

        Aack, need edit, didn't read your post carfully enough.