Grads flail under mid-leadership void

Grads flail under mid-leadership void

Summary: IT recruiting firm Hays has today warned of an impending mid-level staffing crisis.

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IT recruiting firm Hays has today warned of an impending mid-level staffing crisis.

Warning sign

IT recruiter Hays has warned of an impending staff gap.(Warning sign image by Samantha Marx, CC2.0)

Hays warned that businesses which had reduced graduate and entry-level intake, while retaining mid-level performers during the recent global financial downturn were at risk of developing an internal staff shortage.

Peter Noblet, regional director of Hays Information Technology, said that those organisations were at risk of becoming "top-heavy" as staff progressed into upper management positions.

Noblet also said that the demand for mid-level staff would increase, with not enough supply to satisfy recruiters.

"[Organisations] will soon struggle to find candidates at the mid-level with around three years experience," he warned.

While most businesses are once again hiring entry-level staff, Noblet said that as the former mid-level management employees get promoted, new recruits will have a dearth of role models one level above them. Instead they will have to liaise with those higher up the rungs, which could create resentment and an "us-and-them" mentality.

"With a whole layer of staff gone, [new recruits] will look one more level up for guidance, but the job function and experience of employees at that level is usually very different from their own," Noblet added.

Topic: IT Employment

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