Griffin Survivor / OtterBox Defender for iPad Air, mini & Kindle Fire HDX

Griffin Survivor / OtterBox Defender for iPad Air, mini & Kindle Fire HDX

Summary: The current generation of ultra-protection lands for the iPad Air, mini and Kindle Fire HD/HDX.

TOPICS: Apple, Amazon, iPad, Tablets

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Topics: Apple, Amazon, iPad, Tablets


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  • Griffen Survivor seals

    I've just upgraded my ipad 3 to an ipad air. My ipad 3 has lived in a griffen survivor case all it's life. I think it's a great case particularly if you have young children using it a lot of the time. I have absolutely no stress letting them play with the ipad anywhere. I want to upgrade to the new version but the one annoying thing with the older generation was that the seals over the headphone socket could be really difficult to open ( in the end I cut it off) and the covers over the speaker and rear camera never clipped open meaning using the camera or speaker was a pain as you needed to use one finger to hold the flap open. Has this problem gone away in the latest version?