Hack In The Box 2012 Malaysia: Like No Other

Hack In The Box 2012 Malaysia: Like No Other

Summary: Controversial Global hacking conference Hack In The Box just celebrated its ten-year mark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event attracted hackers from all over the world and company participants that included Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Amazon, sponsor 'friends' such as Megaupload, and many more.


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  • Hack In The Box SecConf 2012 Malaysia just celebrated its ten-year mark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hack In The Box stages its high-profile hacker conferences in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, bringing together an unusual mix of security professionals, members of the hacker underground, researchers and - yes - law enforcement.

    Nowhere else in the world will you see a sponsor list with entities such as Megaupload and Microsoft side-by-side, teams of hackers from around the world in a network hacking competition themed around global thermonuclear war, hands-on tutoring on how to escape handcuffs, and arrest warrants up for charity auction.

    We were on hand to see it all.

  • The conference took place at luxury Hotel Intercontinental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • A calm shot of registration before the storm - the conference was packed and attendance was capped at 1010 attendees.

Topics: Security, Big Data, Malware, Microsoft, Networking, Piracy, China, Malaysia

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