Hands-on first impressions of the HTC Windows Phone 8X (gallery)

Hands-on first impressions of the HTC Windows Phone 8X (gallery)

Summary: HTC is one launching their high end 8X device with Windows Phone 8, likely on every major US wireless carrier. The smartphone has great design elements, but lacks on additional features when compared to Nokia's high end device.


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  • The volume button and microSIM card slot are found on the upper right side.

  • The power button and 3.5mm headset jack, with amp, are found on the top. The camera and flash are on the upper part of the back.

  • The back material has a matte finish with soft touch feel.

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  • to make it usefull

    you need to root it and install Android on it.
    Otherwise good hardware will go to waste.
    LlNUX Geek
    • Why not the other way, with Android devices getting turned into WP9 devices

      which will make them a lot more useful, and more modern, and better capable of interacting with the much more useful Windows ecosystem?

      In time, if it can be done, most Android devices will become a lot more useful with Windows 8, and Android will slowly disappear into the same abyss as Linux for netbooks did.
      • should be...

        getting turned into WP8 devices...
      • Re: Why not the other way, with Android devices getting turned into WP9 dev

        Sure, why not? Just have your equivalent of CyanogenMod take the Windows sources and...

        ...oh, wait.
    • Hardly

      But then again such a response is what I would expect from a sheep.
    • Not to defend WP8 ....

      But you have to be a complete idiot to replace an OS that works right on the hardware with a crapware OS that uses vanilla drivers that are NEVER optimize for the hardware.
    • Yikes

      That would be like ruining a perfectly good piece of hardware. WP8 looks great and I'm leaning towards the 8x due to its design. Sure the 920 beats it hardware wise but I really like the subtle curves on the 8x. In my opinion when you look at the slide with 5 phones the 8x clearly stands out as the best design. I'm not into in the round corners you see on a lot of phones. It's as if a kid went crazy in wood shop and dug in with a router.
  • Nice First look

    Looks pretty. I wish Apple stuck with the curved back design like the original iPhones. Glad to see someone picked up on the comfort of that design!

    Minor Semantic issue though: The Holes are Molded into the case, not drilled. (I work in Injection Molding!)

    Thank you!
    • While I like the design on the iPhone 4/4S/5

      I do miss the curves of the 2G/3G/3S...
  • I'm glad to see that

    VZW is getting this one...