Hands-on with Telenav Scout for Windows Phone 8 (Gallery)

Hands-on with Telenav Scout for Windows Phone 8 (Gallery)

Summary: Scout recently launched on the Sprint 8XT and Lumia 925, but is now available for all Windows Phone 8 devices through the Store. It provides a user friendly navigation experience and more.


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    Fix your stupid image gallery. Every time I click on a picture, it reloads the whole page to show that picture. Is that an attempt to refresh your ads, obtuse incompetence, or simply an ages old gallery code?
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      I gave up using their gallery, just not worth the hassle.
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      is just 5-6 lines of javascript to make a decent gallery that doesn't need to refresh the entire page like in the '90.

      Please, think about change yout it team if they are not capable to do it.
  • Maluuba

    The free app Maluuba may work out well for WP8. I use Sherp, Dragon, Google and Indigo for Android. Tested Maluuba, and it is pretty good in some ways.