How to fix broadband blackspots

How to fix broadband blackspots

Summary: Not everyone takes "no" for an answer when told they're stuck in a broadband blackspot.One ZDNet Australia reader wrote in this week to detail his personal remedy for the situation ...

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Not everyone takes "no" for an answer when told they're stuck in a broadband blackspot.

One ZDNet Australia reader wrote in this week to detail his personal remedy for the situation ... apparently the answer lies in taking your money elsewhere.

His conversation with his telco went as follow:

Reader: "Dear telco, may I have some ADSL please?"
Telco: "No, not available on that exchange/area"
Reader: "Why not?"
Telco: "Infrastructure owner (Telstra) says so"
Reader: "Oh, OK then, please remove all phone connections from my home, including the hardwired connection to the building."
Telco: "Why?"
Reader: "I only use the land line connection for Internet, all other calls are made from mobiles here. If you cannot supply ADSL, I'll have to use the more expensive satellite connections, which means I cannot afford to keep the very expensive land line connections alive to my home."
Telco: "Can we ring you back, just need to check on something"

-- three hours later --

Telco: "We can connect your ADSL in two days"
Reader: "Thank you, I knew you could find a way if you wanted to."

Apparently this reader is the only one on his street with an ADSL or cable connection. Go figure.

What's your advice on dealing with broadband blackspots? Take the telcos to task or ask nicely? Drop me a line at or post some comments below.

Topics: Broadband, Telcos

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  • Someone stuck it to da man?

  • my friend is screwed

    my friend did this and now he ended up with no phone and no broadband.
  • Yeah Right

    Add this one to the Urban Legends handbook.
    ADSL is spectrum shared. Telstra still own the "hardwired line to the building" as you put it, so nobody else can remove it. If they are using their mobile for all calls, then this ADSL reseller is obviously making no money from the switchless voice component either, why would they bother?
    So it's been two days, they got their ADSL yet?:)
  • Political Approach

    I used a political approach and sent a letter to the Minister for Parliament (Member) for my area.

    His office replied and asked me to apply for ADSL again and my phone line would be moved to a Copper (needed for ADSL) line
  • Blackspots

    I have reached boiling point about this subject. It sickens me that I have been told that my area "Cashmere" In Brisbane, Australia NOT INDIA! cannot have ADSL access. However I will not completely blame Telstra as I have been told by the local representative and Telstra, that the wonderful Rudd government which is supplying computers to young students like myself, was the person responsible for halting the progress of ADSL connection to my area. GOOD ON YA RUDD what use is a computer without the internet! Now I have to deal with ridiculous internet costs because you feel we can wait, I�m sure your Brisbane home has ADSL 2 I would be quiet happy with just ADSL!!! Hell id be happy with anything that didn�t cost an arm and a leg!
  • You really need it

    If itr took you 2 years to download this page and respond.
  • ADSL in Cashmere


    I am also in Cashmere and have the same problem as you :( We back onto the state forest and I know the house will probably burn down at some point so I would REALLY like an offsite backup of all our data... and need a decent internet connection to do this. We only get Telstra mobile and a little bit of Three mobile service, so wireless is not a cost effective option for anything except basic web browsing and emails. Did you have any luck since your post last year? Would you be interested in getting a group of local residents together to lobby Telstra and the federal government?

    Regards, Alison
  • adsl

    i live 100 k from coast qld city tv has to come by
    satellite but i'm lucky living within village area
    can get agsl at a price
  • Adsl in Cashmere

    For all that it is worth, I would join a lobby to get someone (Telstra or otherwise) to upgrade exchange for any ADSL connection in Cashmere. I have tried the local member (remember Peter Dutton, the one that wanted to go to a safe seat!) and he said that just stick to wireless (which is hopeless, even the turbo 21) as he has tried to get Telsta to upgrade with no luck. If the government can't , who can? What does it take t get decent internet connection in the city!