How to fix your Windows 7 hang ups

How to fix your Windows 7 hang ups

Summary: A computer hang is among one of the annoying situation one comes through in his computing experience. A lot of users have shown concern towards their Windows 7 operating system hangs.

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A computer hang is among one of the annoying situation one comes through in his computing experience. A lot of users have shown concern towards their Windows 7 operating system hangs. The article details the reasons behind why Windows 7 hangs and How to fix it to speed-up your Windows 7 computing experience .

It has been seen that the latest operating system hangs on the welcome screen right after login or while shutting down. Some of the time even user experienced their mouse and keyboards stopped responding to their action. If any of us finds himself in such a situation, then it is really quite frustrating especially if you are working towards some crucial stuff to meet your deadlines. The reason behind this frequent hangs might be many... below we are going to discuss some of them among all.

Viruses and Spyware: Malicious files are the common reasons of a slow computer and may be hiding in your system with your permission and being you aware of its presence. These spyware and malware viruses corrupt your files and hinder your computer's performance causing Windows 7 to eventually hang.

To get rid of these (how to remove spyware from computer) keep your virus definitions updated with latest one available by the provider. Make sure to also download the latest security patches and updates. Always run a scan on your computer to detect these viruses and spyware then delete them.

Too many programs running at once: While working on your computer try to make sure that only the necessary programs are running and the unnecessary applications might consumes more virtual RAM (Random Access Memory) than your system can handle. Don't open a lot of applications simultaneously. Limit the number of software and websites currently running to those that are importantly only. If you are a heavy multi-tasking professional, then backup yourself with good hardware specification; upgrade your RAM to at least double what you are using now.

Corrupt Windows Registry. The registry is the source of information and settings Windows 7 references during operation. The registry database eventually becomes stuffed and cluttered with uneven entries because of redundant and obsolete entries leaving it corrupted. It is advised then to clean your Windows registry to delete those unwanted entries.

Cleaning or getting along with the registry details in is a tough job as any misleading information can get your Windows 7 Operating System Corrupted or malfunction on any uneven manner. There are freeware software’s available that can do the task for you; CCleaner is one such software that works great. Diagnosing your system with a registry cleaner is the best solution to solve registry problems. It is specialized software that thoroughly scans your Windows registry, repairs any errors it sees, and deletes all those invalid entries. By having a clean registry, you will notice a great improvement in your computer speed and performance. It will also completely fix Windows 7 hangs.

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  • I was going to let this one pass without comment until I got to the last line:

    "It will also completely fix Windows 7 hangs"

    Oh, please. Spare us your empty promises and misleading statements. Windows hangs. Period. It always has. It always will. As long as Microsoft continues selling the rubbish that they pass off as an operating system. The only "development" that has occurred over the years is that BSOD has been somewhat replaced with "frozen windows", and now Microsoft has decided they don't have anything better to do that add lipstick to frozen windows, so we now get WWOD (White Window Of Death).

    If you want to fix your "Windows 7 hang ups", the solution is STOP PAYING MICROSOFT FOR BROKEN GARBAGE SOFTWARE. That's it. It's a simple solution, and it's the only solution.

    jw 23.4.2010
  • Oh dear. Here we go again.

    Evidence my dear Watson? I could be anecdotal and say that my three copies of Win7 have never blue-screened. But that wouldn't be very scientific...
    Manek Dubash
  • Well, on one hand I would say that the "evidence" is the existence of the original post itself - "How to Fix Your Windows 7 Hang Ups". On the other hand, my direct personal experience with Windows 7 is very limited - I recently gave away the only laptop/netbook I had that was running it. In the short time that I had it, and the few times that I actually booted Win7, I did not get a BSOD. I got plenty of WWOD, though.

  • I noticed the line about viruses: "To get rid of these keep your virus definitions updated with latest one available . . ."
    I've spent a fair bit of the past two weeks earning more money than usual because of viruses in Windows XP, Vista and 7. If a virus is already on your system, doing a virus signature update ain't gonna work. In fact, ALL of the virus-riddled machines I've seen over the past fortnight ALREADY HAD THE LATEST definitions installed when they got infected.
    I've got to boot to a Linux CD to fix MS Windows - paradox? - or in the case of some machines with low RAM slave the hard disk to my PC then clean it. And in Windows Vis7a, you also sometimes have to copy the latest Malwarebytes to the Windows drive and run it in safe mode before the machine will run again in normal mode.
    My biggest beef with Vis7a is that it seems so slow anyway that it's hard to tell if you've actually got a crash or if it'll be OK in a few minutes. There's a limit to the amount of times I can put the kettle on as I wait to find out. I'm a walking talking caffeine factory . . .
    Fat Pop Do Wop
  • Pop - I've been told a few times that the WWOD will often, eventually, return and continue working, if you wait long enough. Obviously, I don't have that much patience, especially when it comes to "working with" (read as: "waiting on") Windows.

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    Sophie Johnson
  • Very interesting discussion gentlemen and lady - a few comments from me:

    1 - The original piece seems to be written in rather poor English, has this been translated and/or chopped up? Is the content itself questionable?

    2 - As a Mac User and Linux User with a Windows 7 machine on the side for when I have to comment on Windows, I have actually never had the machine hang despite it being an old Compaq Presario - that said, I don't open more than about 3 apps at once.

    3 - I personally believe that Microsoft has tried harder of late to re-architect certain elements of its OS. But I know where Jamie is coming from, believe me - the day you leave a Windows PC for good as your primary unit feels like losing a stone in weight and skydiving your way home. Windows is excellent, but it is not as good as other operating systems.

    Adrian Bridgwater-3dc6b
  • Good tips you mentioned thanks for sharing. It is really very big problems and made me annoyed most of time. Earlier I found some good tips in now I found some tips on your blog.
  • To stop using Microsoft products seems to imply that we all should start using Mac? To be ignorant enough to think Mac is the safer of the two evils is only an illusion, and if you think other wise, you’re not into programming. Unfortunately, the rouge attack this year against the Mac (I don’t know why they bothered (over 60,000 infected) and the fact the Pwn2own competition every year for the past five years or so has shown how vulnerable the Mac and apple products really are. Granted, windows can be a pain in the bottom sometimes, but thinking everyone should switch to Mac is just asking for a world wide meltdown. Some like to argue that the Mac consist of program language used by the government (Linuk), but the operating system is actually Unix Based relying much on C programming and other program methods that have been used for years and is nothing knew to skilled programmers. You will not see the government switch anytime soon and for good reason. Anyone ever think Microsoft makes their system vulnerable on purpose to make money? All I have to say is that programmers are good and there is no system made that is safe, safer, or safest as those words are illusions. If this post came across as being meanly written it was not my intent.
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  • Solution to one cause of hangs

    Windows System Bug/Potential Security Flaw

    I had a Windows 7 64-bit system that has been working for over a year. Suddenly many programs, including Internet Explorer, many of the system utilities, Skype, and Norton 360's control panels, started hanging. The system was unusable. It took me three weeks to find the problem.

    There must be some Windows service that many programs are using to display their output. This service apparently attempts to make a list of installed fonts. If an error occurs during reading the list, the service just continually attempts to re-read the list, never returning and making the application hang.


    * Go to '' or

    * Download the Windows 'Sysinternals Suite'.

    * Extract the contents into a folder.

    * Run the program procmon.exe. You will see a list of events for the processes on your system.

    * Open one of the applications which is hanging.

    * I saw a flood of BUFFER OVERFLOW events on the registry for the key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.SOFTWARE.Microsoft.Windows NT.CurrentVersion.Fonts

    When I saw the problem, I thought I had too many fonts on my system. So I started uninstalling fonts. However, I went into the Registry (Push the Windows Start button and enter 'regedit' in the input field to start the Registry Editor.). Under
    the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.SOFTWARE.Microsoft.Windows NT.CurrentVersion.Fonts" I saw the list of installed fonts. Most fonts had names like 'arial.ttf', but some font entries had extremely long names that shot off the end of the screen. I went through the font list and removed any entries with long names.

    My system started acting normally again. No applications hung.

    Unfortunately, I started one solution then switched to another, so I'm not sure which fixed the problem, but I am pretty sure it was the second (removing font entries with inordinately long names.)