How to have the best videoconferences

How to have the best videoconferences

Summary: Top tips, tricks and best practices so you can hold interesting and awesome teleconferences and meetings


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  • Eye contact is best

    With a little pre-planning, creativity and incorporation of modern technology, meetings can be more than the bane of your work life but a key driver of workplace productivity.

    Teleconferencing saves time and travel but poorly run teleconferences lose the human connection.

    Studies show that making a visual connection improves communication and collaboration. With distributed teams and remote workers a visual connection can overcome the barriers of distance and help the team to bond.

    Video enabled conferencing is a simple way to establish a visual connection when you can’t be face to face. Make sure you use video wherever possible to capture facial expressions and gestures.

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  • Plan your meetings for success

    A great meeting begins with a great plan.

    Have a purpose for your meeting. Is the meeting to provide information, solve a specific problem, or work through tasks? Define your objectives for the meeting in advance and develop a tightly focused agenda. Provide the agenda to attendees in advance and set clear expectations.

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