How to have the best videoconferences

How to have the best videoconferences

Summary: Top tips, tricks and best practices so you can hold interesting and awesome teleconferences and meetings


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  • Hold video conferences away from the office

    Get out of the conference room and hold meetings in non-traditional places.

    Have a meeting in a park, museum or even a building lobby. The change of physical space can energize creativity and enhance collaboration.

    You can still connect with remote attendees through video-enabled mobile devices – ask your attendees to pick a new spot where they can connect to the meeting as well. If you want to get things done really quickly you cold even hold a walking meeting.


    Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Use the mute buttons

    In large meetings it can be chaotic if several people talk at the same time.

    Users should mute their lines when listening to the speaker and unmute only when it is their turn to talk. In presentation type video conferences the holder of the meeting should mute all participants to prevent noise distraction.

    Turn off the "joining alert" when holding large conferences so that the first few minutes are not filled with the distracting beeps as latecomers join the session.

    Image: Angels Worldwide

  • Connect from any device

    True collaboration means that people need to connect whilst on the road, in the air and across time zones.

    30 percent of meeting participants join meetings from video enabled mobile devices. Meetings held at night-time are all about the app. 25 percent more participants joining via mobile apps during the evening than during the working day. 

    Transform a meeting into a fact to face meet up by adding video to add sparkle and engagement. Video meetings can happen from any device and can help you to maintain relationships and maximize collaboration with your remote team.

    Image: Blue Jeans Network

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