How to migrate to Hotmail or Gmail

How to migrate to Hotmail or Gmail

Summary: At the end of a job, or after leaving university, your email may not automatically follow you on your next endeavour, but it is possible to ensure they are migrated to another provider.


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    Moving email from old to new

    This is the important bit. To transfer all of your email over — on fast internet connections — select all of your email (or click on one and press Ctrl + A), then right-click and select Move and then Copy to folder. Be sure to select the correct folder as to avoid confusion, which was created a few steps back.

    While you may be more comfortable in moving directly, in this method we simply copy the email (and we will delete them later), to make sure that if this isn't successful, you can try again and haven't lost all of your messages in the process).

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    Moving email from old to new

    This process may take a few minutes to an hour or so, depending on your internet connection.

    Alternatively, you can copy over email messages one step at a time — which is particularly useful on slower internet connections. Simply highlight say a month of email and move them over in chunks. Repeat until all email messages have been moved over.

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    Exchange: set up email forwarding

    Once you have copied over all of your email, we are nearly done. Now you need to make sure that future email is copied back into your new email account.

    For Live@edu users, go into the main Options area and select the Connected Accounts tab. From here, type in your forwarding address and ensure that the tick box is not checked. Hit Save.

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