How to migrate to Hotmail or Gmail

How to migrate to Hotmail or Gmail

Summary: At the end of a job, or after leaving university, your email may not automatically follow you on your next endeavour, but it is possible to ensure they are migrated to another provider.


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    Exchange: deleting old email for good

    Once you have deleted your email messages (remember: they are safe elsewhere; this is just the old copy), then you need to empty your deleted items.

    Right-click on the Deleted Items and select Empty Deleted Items.

    Once you have done this — to make sure that nobody in your organisation can continue to read your deleted email, they need to be fully deleted.

    Right-click on Deleted Items and select Recover Deleted Items.

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    Exchange: deleting old email for good

    To fully delete email that are still held in recovery mode, you must purge them. Your browser limits you to how many you can delete at any one time, however.

    Select as many email messages as you can (your email client will warn you when you have reached the limit), and hit the Purge button and then hit OK.

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    Gmail: deleting old email for good

    In Gmail, it is extremely easy. Simply run through and delete all of your email messages as you normally would, by clicking Send to Trash.

    Once you are in the Trash folder, hit the Empty Trash Now button and hit OK. All messages will be non-recoverable from this point.

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