HP prices itself out of Vic Govt

HP prices itself out of Vic Govt

Summary: HP's pricing has lost it a place on the new "document output device" purchasing contract for the whole of Victorian government.


in brief HP's pricing has lost it a place on the new "document output device" purchasing contract for the whole of Victorian government.

"A full value for money assessment was conducted for all tenderers. HP were assessed as not providing sufficient value for money and were not successful," a spokesperson for the state's Department of Treasury and Finance told ZDNet.com.au.

The contract, a newly created whole of government deal replacing past single department agreements to supply printers and multifunction devices, started on the first of this month and will run until 30 June 2012, with the option of two one-year extensions. The successful suppliers were Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba.

HP has a spot on the state procurement contracts for storage and server equipment as well as for desktop and notebook equipment. The desktop and notebook contract was refreshed in May. The other members on the contract are Acer, Dell, Data 3, Lenovo and Toshiba.

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  • Silly bean counters

    I wonder whether the bean counters that make these decisions also factor in the cost of supporting the IT systems that need to talk to the document output devices. In my experience, HP gear works and works well on just about every operating system that you are likely to encounter. Contrast this with the likes of Lexmark and Xerox network printers, which cause no end of headaches.
  • ...re Silly bean counters

    You are right on there ! In most IT networks IMHO, HP nearly always stands out as being the most technically advanced, reliable and user friendly. Unfortunately and all too soon after "the horse has bolted" the bean counter's lowest price demands, are often proven to be false economics. As they say in the classics, "You get what you pay for !"
  • Cost of changeover

    Hope it includes the cost of swapping out the old printers, drivers, help desk retraining, operational support etc. It is also the local staff who change ink, fix paper jams and make it work - they are use to some brands but how do they cope with change!
  • re Cost of changeover

    In our dreams maybe !
  • How to make the government more inefficient

    They probably don't factor equipment reliability and reduced maintenance support costs in.
    Other printer vendors may be cheaper, but I'm not sure that when I'm waiting on the overstretched government staff for some hard copy information, I'll be happy while they dick around with their failing printing equipment.
    We've used the two of the other "cheaper" vendors listed, much to our grief.