HP's Pavilion 14 comes with largest Chromebook screen yet

HP's Pavilion 14 comes with largest Chromebook screen yet

Summary: HP's first Chromebook goes on sale in the US today with a larger screen than previous laptops running the cloud-based Google Chrome OS.


HP has unveiled its first Google Chromebook in the form of the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook, priced at $330. 

HP joins Samsung and Acer on the list of Chromebook manufacturers, while Lenovo announced it will be joining the list soon with the launch of ThinkPad Chromebook for schools, last month.  

HP Pavilion 14
The HP Pavilion 14 has the largest screen of any Chromebook so far. Image: HP

HP's Pavilion 14 is available to buy in the US from today but its $330 price tag makes it more expensive than Samsung's latest Chromebook, which is available at £229 ($250), and the Acer C7, which only costs £199 ($199).

The Pavilion 14 offers a 1.1GHz Intel Celeron processor and 2GB of RAM with integrated graphics. 

The 14-inch display on the HP Chromebook is the largest Chromebook screen yet as screen sizes have traditionally been between 11 and 12 inches. It packs a 1366 x 768 resolution, which is the same as that offered on Samsung Chromebook and Acer C7 Chromebook. 

However, where the cheaper Acer C7 offers 320GB of hard-disk storage, HP is only providing 16GB of solid-state storage, meaning HP Chromebook users will have to rely on the 100GB of Google Drive storage that is available for the first two years of ownership. 

The Pavilion 14 has more connectivity options than its rivals, with a HDMI output, three USB 2.0 sockets, an ethernet socket and an SD card reader. 

The Pavilion 14 has a removable battery that has a claimed battery life of four hours and 15 minutes. HP has not said anything about a UK launch yet.

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  • Probably not a good alternative

    When I think Chromebooks, and think beyond the features they all share, I want low weight/portability and a long battery life. Chromebooks are about (almost) always connected and a mobile life style, even if at home.

    The HP Chromebook therefore fails in my view.
  • Chromebook screen size

    I am 65 and need a larger screen, at least 15.6".
    I will wait for a Chromebook with a larger screen.
    T. Johnson
    • Watch Out Down The Road

      One comment on the HP unit was very enlightening. 16GB drive and 100GB storage for 2 years from Google. After 2 years I would suggest a 2nd mortgage on your house. Just kidding. But I suspect that the unwary purchaser will be unpleasantly surprised in month 25. Think, Gillette which virtually gives away razors, but charges dearly for the blades. You want to play you have to pay..........eventually.
  • Who is the customer?

    These Chromebooks seem to be a horrible idea at their price points. $330? For such a weak system running an OS thats next to useless, anythign past $250 is a rip off (and to be honest $250 is pushing the price that these are worth). My friend just ordered a laptop from Best Buy for $324 -- AMD A6 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 15.6 screen. a 14-inch model can be had for maybe an extra $30...and it runs an OS capable of doing alot more.
    • I am a customer

      I have a Samsung ARM Chromebook and love it. I been in computing for many years and find that most people are not power users and really don't need all the bells and whistles and the pain of keeping a computer up to date with virus protection and software.
      I also have an HP AMD laptop with 8Gigs of RAM and just updated it to Win8 from Win7. I end up using it now just for Skype to chat with my girlfriend and when I'm done I go to the ChromeBook.
      If you haven't used one you have no idea what you are missing. Granted there are a few programs like Skype and others I miss, but the ease of use; lift the lid, type in your username and password and get to the web in less than a minute from a cold start is priceless. Shut the lid and lift it from sleep and its already online instantly.
      It has a 6hrs or more battery life; I did 6hrs watching Amazon Prime movies one day :)
      I can even throw it in my backpack and take it to town with no worries.
      So please don't knock it until you give it a try... you might just like it as a second knock about laptop that you'll end up using all the time as I did... :)
    • out of stock

      Nobody want them this is why Office Depot, Office Max, Frys and Amazon are out of stock.
    • Is it running windows 8?

      If so, I doubt it can do any real work until you put a real OS on it.
      x-windows user
  • Wish the specs were better

    Too bad. Love the screen and the camera, but did HP skimp on the specs just to keep the price down? Perhaps, but I'll hold out until someone offers one with 4Gb of memory, a 64-128Gb flash drive and a better processor than HP here.
    • 64GB?

      What would be the point of that?
      • Because

        I don't want everything in the cloud ;) Somethings are better left at home.
        x-windows user