HTC announces One X+ with faster processor, more storage, and larger battery

HTC announces One X+ with faster processor, more storage, and larger battery

Summary: HTC released the fabulous One X six months ago and is now rolling out the updated model with beefed up internals and an update to HTC Sense.

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Back in May I wrote that the HTC One X was the best HTC device I have ever used and I still think it is one of the best choices for Android devices today. The display is better than what Samsung offers and is the best large screen you can find on a phone today. The One X was released to rave reviews and now six months after the One X international release we see HTC announce the HTC One X+. In addition, HTC will be releasing HTC Sense 4+ and Android Jelly Bean to current HTC One X and One S owners starting this month (highly dependent on carrier roll out in the US).

HTC announces One X+ with faster processor, more storage, and larger battery

The new international version of the HTC One X+ takes the awesome design of the One X and bumps up the internals with a 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 64GB of internal storage, and 2100 mAh battery. The battery and updated processor provide a reported increase of up to 50% in talk time. Other specifications of the international HTC One X+ include:

  • 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 display with Gorilla Glass 2
  • Android 4.1 with HTC Sense 4+
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8 megapixel camera with ImageSense processor and F2.0 aperature
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology
  • NFC with support for Tap and Go (think Nokia and NFC speakers)
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, DLNA, and HDMI out with MHL adapter
  • Dimensions of 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and 135 grams

I had a chance to see HTC Sense 4+ in action and look forward to the speed enhancements and other tweaks that may seem small at first, but together make the entire experience better. For example, a new video hub puts all the video you can watch into a single place rather than having multiple video apps to jump in an out of.

The HTC One X+ will be available in Europe and North Asia from October and in South Asia from November 2012. North America will make a separate announcement regarding availability of the HTC One X+. The Android Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 4+ update is scheduled to begin rolling out for the HTC One S and HTC One X in October.

For new customers, HTC is also launching a cool new web service where you can go through the setup and personalization process from a desktop web browser. HTC purchased Dashwire last year and they helped with this new setup service that will be available at It is much easier to enter all of your passwords and settings while also customizing your home screens from a desktop computer.

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Topics: Mobility, Android, HTC

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  • Meanwhile, Back In The Windows Phone Alleyway...

    Interesting, the HTC 8X isn't even shipping yet, and it's already falling behind the latest specs on the Android side.
  • are they hitting the roof...?

    it's hard to improve on the specs anymore when they are so good. They also don't find the design to have any problems, so they don't need to change it...I think we have come to the point where incremental updates are the norm...but watch out for apple lawsuits!
  • same old boring design and size

    = no competition to galaxy s3
  • Wow, cool features

    Definitely HTC One X Plus would be tough competition for Apple iPhone and Galaxy S3.
    Firoz Muhammed
  • I love HTC

    I am using Desire Z and love it. the only complain I have about it is its keyboard, I wish I went with the model without one since I dont use it and it would probably not survive a single drop. But otherwise, super happy with Android and HTC.
  • I had the HTC Inspire and I liked it

    But when AT&T announced the HTC and the SIII the major reason I choose the Samsung was the removable battery. Because I'm looked into a 2 year contract i wanted the removable battery in case the battery doesn't last the life of the contract.
    • Still have Inspire...

      I still have an Inspire. It's age is showing feature-wise but, fundementally, day to day it does everything I need it to. By comparison, the One X+ looks like a dream phone though. If my Inspire had LTE, better battery and display, I would stay with it. All the other new features will just be gravy.
  • Nice article

    Thanks for the info Matthew... Two questions though

    1) Which processor is used? dual core or quad core? And the battery specification?
    2) Is there any front camera available? If so, it's config?
  • Slowdown in Innovation

    These feature/performance tweaks make sense. Devices like the SGS III and (now) the One X+ are actually a bit ahead of themselves. After all, LTE AND NFC are still on the build. So the devices are waiting for the services to catch up. So the need for breakneck innovation on the handset side has really slowed down which is NOT a bad thing.

    People forget that slower innovation can lead to less buyer's remorse. I would love to see data or tracking on how long people hang onto their SGS III, iPhone 5 and HTC One X+ (dare I add the Lumia 920 as well?).

    Personally, I might have to pay FULL retail on my next phone (currently using HTC Inspire) in order to keep my unlimited data with AT&T - unless it is feeling generous (t'cha right). So if I do have to cough up $500+ for a PHONE (ouch) you can bet I want be getting rid of it any time soon if I can help it.
  • knowing HTC Very Well I'd say....

    There are several problems, but the top three are:

    1. Quality/Quality perception Issues: HTC has had alot of quality issues, as well as issues that perceive quality. This include bad software, updates that don't come fast enough, battery timing issues. I don't see things such as Memory Limitations, Embedded Batteries or Not using Stock Android as a key issue, not with the masses.

    2. Marketing: This is actually #1. Back in the day (okay less than 2 years ago), people had no idea about devices, they would go into stores and ask the sales reps what their choice was. Many chose HTC. In fact, I have industry reports saying until the GSIII, HTC had the HIGHEST Retail Recommendation amongst the carriers. However, nowadays, Sales reps are glorified order takers because most people already want an APPLE or SAMSUNG before they even walk into the door. Why would a sales rep take time out to convince someone OUT OF the product that they know they want. Also, HTC has been piss poor into turning their class leading specs into real life use case scenarios that the consumer can relate to. Apple has owned this but Samsung recently with their specs have become excellent at it. On top of it, Apple and Samsung don't really overlap when it comes to specs. Apple can talk about Retina (Samsung doesn't really), while Samsung talks about S-Beam. Samsung and Apple talk about their Voice services differently, their camera functions differently. HTC talks in broad strokes but doesn't really show it in advertising (when they do it).

    3. The lost the early adopter with Poor Product Planning: It used to be the brand that was cool to own. They may have not been the biggest, but HTC had MOJO. They were the nerds of the industry, not the hipster Apple, or the colossus Samsung. Motorola were hitting up guys with their Kevlar backs and LG was going after kids with their devices. HTC had the geeks, who helped sell their brand. Now Samsung is the innovator, Apple is the mass market appeaser, and HTC is....well, just not cool anymore. The EVO 4G LTE is ugly, they are coming out with models that seem unfinished and need a "+" to evolve them into a state that is what they should have come out at launch (Look for a Droid DNA+). They used to be the top at OS updates, now Samsung owns that. And the cool models? They only go to ATT, maybe to Verizon, a couple to T-Mobile (not the flagships).

    HTC's main issue is that the executive's there have lost their way. They are still there patting themselves on the back because there is an arrogance there that came with success. They need this crisis to put them back into focus. If not, they are gone forever.