HTC kicking off One Live Experience Tour starting April 11

HTC kicking off One Live Experience Tour starting April 11

Summary: HTC needs to market their fantastic HTC One device and with the Live Experience Tour it looks like they are starting off on the right foot. They will also need carriers to support the HTC One in stores.


I continue to believe that the HTC One is the best smartphone I have ever used, and after just ordering an unlocked 64GB Developer Edition, I was pleased to receive news from HTC that it is indeed serious about marketing and is kicking off the HTC One Live Experience Tour.

HTC kicking off One Live Experience Tour starting 11 April
(Image: HTC)

The following is from the HTC press release:

HTC is taking their breakthrough product directly to consumers with the HTC One Live Experience Tour, bringing each unique innovation to life and prompting consumers to compare the new HTC One to their current phone experience. The advertising features a similarly evocative theme positioning the new smartphone to consumers as "Everything Your Phone Isn't".

The HTC One Live Experience Tour will appear in 11 major markets across the US, and consists of three distinct executions: The HTC BoomSound Lounge, HTC One Showrooms, and HTC One Cinema Experiences.

In addition to product experiences, the HTC BoomSound Lounges serve as the connection for consumers to exclusive HTC concerts produced by Live Nation. Performances by Pharrell in New York, Grouplove in Chicago and Manchester Orchestra in Los Angeles will be limited to an audience of 1,000 fans, creating an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience for attendees.

I look forward to hearing more about HTC One Showrooms appearing starting on April 11 in malls in these markets; Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

In addition to active marketing tactics like these, HTC hopefully gets the carriers and their store employees to show off the cool features like BlinkFeed, Zoes, and Highlight Videos.

You can pre-order your HTC One on the three US carriers now, or do like I did and buy the unlocked Developer Edition.

Any readers planning to buy the HTC One?

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  • I've been holding

    Out for the BB Q10 but everytime I see a picture or video of the HTC One I start drooling, I've always seen most of the Android phones as cheap, buggy, insecure throw away toys but this ONE is different. It is the only Android phone to tempt me & may just get One
  • It's all about the cost of memory

    So do I pay $199 for an 16GB SGS IV and then slap in the 32GB I ALREADY own or shell out an extra $50 for the 32GB HTC One and hope that is enough storage to last me 2+ years on a phone that just begs you to take high quality [read: large file size] images with it?

    I would prefer the all aluminum unibody and insane pixel density (even if I can't discern it with the naked eye - bragging rights you know) and I use an HTC now so I'm kind of brand loyal. Also the HTC is sort of the underdog here and the One is just a GORGEOUS device.

    The problem is I keep finding myself falling sway to the Samsung "Kool Aid" and getting all caught up in the marketing and the hype (which is NOT entirely unfounded). I have a Samsung TV I would be able to pair with a Galaxy device.

    I envy you tech journalist who get to take these phones out for a test run without worrying about the $35 restocking fee the carriers all charge if you return the phone a whopping 14 days later (thanks for the nice long trial - sarcasm).

    I am actually eligible for a 2nd upgrade in July via a 3rd line on my plan so I could actually try out both the One and the SGS IV within 3 months. But do I really want to shell out $200+ (plus the absurd $36 "upgrade" fee) TWICE in 3 months? That is easily over $500 out of pocket. Might as well buy One (pun intended) of the phones off contract at full retail.
  • Actually this marketing doesn't sound that serious. Sounds like typical htc

    do a little the first 2 months, then stand around doing nothing and wonder why samsungs kicking their ass. And yeah getting carrier support in stores in always key for any model from any oem. Good luck with that. This is the huge elephant in the room that MS+Nokia have TOTALLY AND UTTERLY FAILED at and will go nowhere in the US until they stop doing what's obviously not working and switch to doing something that does.
    Johnny Vegas