HTC offers unlocked KitKat-powered One for $0 down with no interest

HTC offers unlocked KitKat-powered One for $0 down with no interest

Summary: HTC see that the times are changing here in the US with AT&T joining T-Mobile to break out phone subsidies from monthly fees. An unlocked flagship HTC One running KitKat is an attractive option for no money down.

HTC offers unlocked KitKat-powered One for $0 down with no interest
(Image: HTC)

Things are changing here in the US with AT&T joining T-Mobile with lower monthly fees for those that bring their own device to the carrier.

You can purchase the Nexus 5, Moto X, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and other smartphones at full price in an unlocked status. However, the full cost for these high end flagships is often tough for people to swallow (that's why people pick up subsidized devices and let the carriers roll in phone fees for eternity) and not everyone has a zero percent credit card offer.

HTC has a new compelling offer for the fantastic HTC One. You can now purchase the unlocked HTC One for $0 down with zero percent interest for the next 24 months. This GSM unlocked phone works on AT&T and T-Mobile and comes loaded with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Many of us who have been covering the smartphone space for years are fans of buying unlocked phones and having full control over our carrier fees, primarily because we like to test out and use the latest and greatest smartphones.

As carriers start to separate out service fees and phone subsidy fees, Americans are starting to see the benefits of bringing their own device and saving money on monthly wireless fees. It will be interesting to see how well this new initiative works out for HTC. As a T-Mobile customer, I already paid full price for my HTC One seven months ago.

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  • Verizon too but

    The vzw edge plan is more money. right now everyone pays a monthly amount for service and a two year subsidized phone. after two years you go month to month but the cost monthly is the same. vzw edge now charges on top of the monthly with a phone cost and it is a two year deal. Just a way to raise prices.
  • Don't forget the price.

    The title is a little misleading, as it glosses over the fact that the cost of the phone is $599, which is not even mentioned in the article. That's more than a lot of tablets and laptops.

    If I like the service, and a phone company offers me the phone for a lot less, but no financing, I'm still out a lot less money than spending full price over a longer period on a phone that is a paperweight until I sign up for service.
  • the Nexus alternative

    Nexus 5 can be purchased for about $350 as compared to the $600 for the phone mentioned. It comes with none of the baggage many of the other phones have and has the latest version of android. Also an unlocked Nexus 4 could be had for less than $200.
    Jerry Vega, MPAS, PA-C
  • Nexus 5

    Nexus 5 directly from T-Mobile is around $500, so the price difference isn't as wide as one would think. The Sony Experia Z (discontinued) is also $500. A lot of money for a phone true. You either pay the going price or do without the latest and greatest. At the moment I am using my Motorola Cliq still. I want to upgrade, but the choices are widely diverse in capabilities and prices from $200 for an Alcatel One Touch Fierce to the > $600 for the Samung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note III (~$700)
  • For many this is not reality

    Many people have family plans, work plans, etc. So their cost of service is cheaper than just the boilerplate cost for an individual. That being said, the math should be am I still saving money by paying $25 a month for a phone versus just getting the latest and greatest every two years?

    Of course many new phones are not free, they are $50 to $200 plus tax (based on retail) and other fees. But there is also the advantage of having an advocate for your device. Meaning Verizon gives you a phone at the counter in the store if you have a problem, out of warranty they will charge you $50 for a replacement.

    To me if you are going for a low cost plan (and I do) your best bet is keeping it cheap, less than $200-$250 for the phone. It's not like I want to keep the phone for 4 years.