HTC One production volume to double in May

HTC One production volume to double in May

Summary: Taiwanese handset maker says production capacity will ramp up in the next two months to meet "strong demand" as it sees its component supply woes ease.

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HTC will be ramping up production of its flagship HTC One device, and capacity will double this month from April's, as the company looks to make up for lost sales due to component shortages which delayed the phone's launch in various markets.

Focus Taiwan reported Thursday that the production capacity for HTC One is rising on a month-to-month basis as its component supply chain issues improve. Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, said manufacturing volume will double in May from the previous month and will rise further in June to meet "strong demand".

"Our capacity is expected to rise significantly starting from mid-May. We are optimistic about our high-end sales during April and June," Tong said in the report.

HTC CMO Benjamin Ho had earlier confirmed the HTC One delays was due to a shortage in the camera component used to build the phone. He said since the camera was designed specifically for the Taiwanese handset vendor, production cannot be ramped up so quickly.




Topics: Smartphones, HTC

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  • Good News For HTC At Last!

    Still, it could be worse: they could be Nokia.
    • really???, HTC's flagship is obsolete before launch

      who would buy just another android phone that doesn't even have wireless charging?

      A 6 month old nokia 920 is still latest technology, the S4 is still behind it.
      • WHats the use

        Whats the use of that wireless charging when you still have to take it to the charging dock/station? Fools all around!
      • Wireless charging NOT a deal breaker

        Assuming it's a practical and convenient feature to have I don't mind waiting for this in future iterations of One. In the meantime I will take the phone with the best build quality and aesthetics over ANY other phone at the moment, with a richly balanced set of features that doesn't have to obnoxiously exceed what's available from other makers. Galaxy s4 is ugly, plasticky and cheap looking with a bluish display and Nokia are of really no consequence.
    • Wireless charging Really?

      To bad it take so long to charge. I get full charge in about a hour with wall charger not to mention the cost of a wireless charger.
      James Vogel
      • the charger is free from nokia

        my phone lasts all day, before bed I just set it on my nightstand and let some podcast play as I fall asleep

        You don't know what your missing man.
  • Lets hope so!

    Let's see some real competition in the Android marketplace again!