HTC StereoClip provides wireless audio for those without Bluetooth automobiles (review)

HTC StereoClip provides wireless audio for those without Bluetooth automobiles (review)

Summary: I enjoy listening to podcasts and music in my car, but don't have Bluetooth and am tired of having a cable lying around and limiting where I can rest my smartphone. HTC has a slick accessory for audiophiles, but it is priced about twice as much as it should be.


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  • microUSB port for charging the StereoClip

  • Enjoying audio from the HTC 8x in my Dodge truck

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  • Half-way there. How about considering stepping up to hands-free?

    I thought about using the car deck's 3.5mm aux jack with my phone. But it wasn't the audio cable that was the major hangup for me - it was the limited hands-free functionality that was inherent with going the 3.5 jack route that convinced me to upgrade my car deck to a Bluetooth-enabled deck.

    Here's the points around the additional, built-in deck Bluetooth functionality that prompted me to go to the next step (considering everything else was equivalent between cable vs Bluetooth for sound quality and audio playback capabilities - including hearing GPS voice navigation).

    1. Enables control of cell device's song skip, pause, play via deck interface.
    2. Enables hands-free, voice commanded outbound calling and receiving calls.
    3. Enables voice commanded outbound voice to text and inbound text to voice for handsfree text messaging.
    4. In the article's suggested approach, I don't have to be concerned with a 3.5mm aux Bluetooth wireless adapter's battery level - especially in very cold climates. Deck (and Bluetooth) is powered from car auto power system.
    5. I am left with one cable needed to charge the mounted phone (especially important when using the phone and deck for GPS voice navigation because of the battery draw) using a minimum 1.0 amp charger.

    One BIG warning when considering this approach - buyer beware on car deck Bluetooth capabilities. I have tried Clarion, Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, JVC, Clarion, and Alpine decks in the last year. Except for Sony, none of them managed to offer the complete functionality for handsfree usage (especially for the text messaging ability). But, I spent $130 on a Sony MEX-BT4100P (plus another $25 in mounting cables and adapters) and replaced my stock deck in my Highlander.

    I am now very happy with everything I can do between my cell phone and deck in a handsfree manner with quality sound. Was the handsfree usefulness worth the upgrade cost? Yes!
    achilles heal
  • Maybe this is cheaper

    I bought, an XtremeMac product called "InCharge Auto BT" that's a cigarette lighter adapter that has one USB port to use for charging and a 2.5mm audio out cable that plugs into your vehicles AUX IN port. The device was less than $30 (on sale, $70 list) and it works well. Just thought I'd let you know that there are potentially cheaper solutions out there if you keep your eyes open and find the right sale.
  • Curious... know if you had to do anything "magical" to get the audio to play from your DNA? I have the StereoClip as well but can't get these two devices to play nice.

    I would buy the StereoClip again, IMO it's well worth the price for getting in the car an not having to worry about wires. There's no competition for it, so while $60 is a bit steep - whaddayagonnado? ;-)