Huawei opens cybersecurity testing center in UK

Huawei opens cybersecurity testing center in UK

Summary: Chinese telecoms company works with government body CESG to guard against risks that its telecoms gear may be subverted and used to gain access to critical British infrastructure.


Chinese telecoms company Huawei has opened a cybersecurity testing center in Banbury to certify its products for use in the U.K.'s critical national infrastructure.

CESG, which is a part of government intelligence agency GCHQ, will oversee the testing process at the Cyber Security Evaluation Centre, which opened on Nov. 24, Huawei said in an announcement last Monday. In addition, the agency will provide guidance to make sure Huawei's hardware and software products meet British government standards.

"The aim of this security center is to address growing concerns from organizations, and from governments generally, about the safety of cyberspace and the need for built-in network protection to help society and businesses withstand malicious attacks from the outside," a Huawei spokeswoman told ZDNet Asia's sister site, ZDNet UK.

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