IBM purchases Blade Network Technologies

IBM purchases Blade Network Technologies

Summary: The company has bought the firm specialising in blade servers, and will seek to incorporate its technology into its systems

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IBM said on Monday that it has acquired Blade Network Technologies, a firm specialising in blade server and rack switches as well as accompanying software.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. IBM said that following the purchase it will add Blade's technology to its systems. The two companies are already partners, with more than half of IBM's System x BladeCenters using Blade technology. Blade's expertise will also aid IBM's drive for workload-optimised systems.

In addition, the deal gives IBM more technology in the networking arena. As rival HP has moved more into networking, IBM has chosen to partner with the likes of Juniper Networks and Brocade Communications.

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Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Little surprise perhaps. Blade was one of IBM's closest partners in Big Blue's blade server ecosystem...
    Manek Dubash