IBM, Toshiba try to keep a lid on Samsung deals amid Apple trial

IBM, Toshiba try to keep a lid on Samsung deals amid Apple trial

Summary: UPDATED: IBM and Toshiba petitioned the court separately to ensure that financial details of Samsung deals remained under seal.

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As Apple and Samsung duel in a San Jose courtroom over patents partners of the latter are scurrying to keep financial aspects of their dealings under seal.

Amid dozens of filings in the Apple vs. Samsung courtroom brawl, came two from IBM and Toshiba. Their beefs are relatively simple. Neither company wants the financial details of supply and licensing deals with Samsung to go public. 

The Apple vs. Samsung case has been gold for the tech press looking for nuggets about product plans. Apple highlighted its pre-commercial designs of the iPhone. Samsung revealed it had Windows Phone 8 devices on tap. As the courtroom drama plays out---jury selection has started with a bevy of queries---supply chain partners are trying to stay out of the scrum.

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IBM petitioned the court for a temporary restraining order against Reuters, which got "highly sensitive commercial information" displayed in a trial exhibit. "Specifically, IBM seeks to seal the payments amounts under a contract between Defendant Samsung and IBM." IBM said that Reuters received an unredacted proposed trial exhibit---630---that showed transactions between Big Blue and Samsung. IBM thought Reuters would be bound by the seal. IBM continued:



Toshiba had a similar issue. Toshiba petitioned the court to remove the terms of a patent licensing deal with Samsung from the docket. Toshiba had already filed a motion to seal data about the scope of the deal as well as the financial terms of the license.

UPDATE: Reuters has responded with its own letter to the court, citing First Amendment grounds and protection. The response to the motion is directed at IBM in particular.

Apple v. Samsung: Reuters Response to Motion

Topics: Legal, Apple, IBM, Samsung

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  • Only these?

    With the circus kicking off, I would have expected to see more motions filed by members of the supply chain, especially those dealing with Samsung.
  • Hurt Samsung, Hurt The USA

    I think I can see pressure building on Apple to back the hell off from this case before it hurts too many big US-based companies.
    • How many of 'em are there? Or are they all the same 4 or 5?

      Oh look, another random string followed by 2 numbers throwing a spear at Apple.
      Robert Hahn