ID chips pressed into laundered clothes

ID chips pressed into laundered clothes

Summary: The controversial RFID tag technology is being taken to the dry cleaners

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Chipmaker Texas Instruments on Monday announced a wireless identity chip aimed at clothing going through the dry cleaning process, creating a new market for a technology that is expected to revolutionise the way products -- and people -- are tracked and identified.

The Laundry Transponder, from TI Radio Frequency Identification Systems, is a thin 13.56MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) chip with a circumference of 22mm that can be attached or sewn into fabric. Its plastic casing is capable of withstanding industrial cleaning processes, making it practical for dry cleaners to track items through to customer delivery.

Each transponder has a unique 64-bit identification code, as well as 2,000 bits of memory that can be programmed with customer data. The identification code can be laser-etched on the transponder casing for visual identification, TI said.

RFID functions as an evolution of the bar code, but is more efficient and versatile because items can be identified wirelessly. For the retail supply chain, this means, for example, that a box of goods could be added to a shop's inventory system without opening the box and scanning each item individually, since the RFID scanner could identify all the items through the box.

The tags are also being considered for other applications where a large number of items need to be sorted and identified, such as EU banknotes and airport luggage sorting systems. The EU and some other regions are planning to embed RFID chips containing biometric data into passports, which is a measure required for entering the US under new anti-terrorism legislation.

Industry analysts expect spending on RFID chips to surge in the next few months, possibly even fuelling a new tech investment boom, with huge retailers such as Wal-Mart looking to have RFID supply chain systems in place by 2005.

The tags are seen to have privacy implications, however, as they are capable of collecting data on consumers and allowing individuals to be tracked remotely. Labour MP Tom Watson has submitted a motion for debate on the regulation of RFID devices, and is confident that it will be debated in September.

Watson told ZDNet UK in July that he submitted the motion because without proper regulation, RFID tags are "open to abuse by unscrupulous retailers" who could misuse the technology.

Topic: Processors

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  • These tracker tags are leading up to the cashless society that they have been talking about for a while. Along with the freedom and privacy issues I personally have a religious concern, where in Revelations it talks about the buy and sell mark. Christian religion seems to be a dirty word these days, but here's the verse for you:(course, there has been much corruption) REV.13:16 And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. 16:4 And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image. On a secular note I believe the radiation from these are harmful, and with too much radiation we will see more diseases and cancer cases. I will be boycotting this technology. It grieves me that my country is pushing this tech. which grabs your liberties.
    There is more than money to be made here-the total control agenda is boldly obvious, not to mention the complete invasion of personal privacy. The Powers That Be, want to track all of us like animals in the wild, the super control agenda that, very unfortunately, psychopaths (government, corportate or otherwise) in positions of power reek havoc on the rest of the world...they want to control every move we make, every breath we take...If you DON'T think the LUNATICS of the world are running Asylum Earth right now, then you are not only crazy, you're the fool!
    Will I.D.'d laundry really deter the terrorists? Get a grip on your common sense, people, before it's too late.
  • I believe that if you put your cloting you may
    believe is "chipped" into your microwave
    for a couple minutes the microwave process
    will "kill" the chip.

    If the people of the world want to keep the
    tiny freedom they have left you must somehow destroy the chips capability and
    nuking the little suckers is what I've heard
  • what a great idea!!
    I love it
    everyone should have smart clothes
  • Anyone who dares to say that Americans live in a free society needs to be in a padded basket.

    Those who create these oppressive gadgets are interested in money, and your life. They could care less about your god given right to live free. They hate you, and they feel you owe them everything.

    I think anyone who is infringing on the rights of others who have done nothing wrong, should be put in prison for eternity. They have no right to deceive people with fear for their ill intentions of oppression. They have no right to force this sort of behavior modification designed to keep one in fear and with the sense that the government is concerned with your safety.

    The government, corporations, and other wealth centers will never keep you safe. Safety is found in FREEDOM and not in being controlled. This is just another scam to loot, imprison, then kill. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • ID chips now. I will make my own clothing and wash it myself. The weird people, the survivalists, the patriots have been talking about this for 10 years. They have been called paranoid. They spoke the truth but no one wanted to hear them. I am making my voice heard I will not back down. We will stand shoulder to shoulder or we will follow each other off the cliff to our ultimate death. Our loss of FREEDOM. Shame on us to let those who gave their lives for the concept of FREEDOM to throw it about with such carelessness. We will be dammed or dead. Those are our choices.
  • I'm going to make sure I carry a powerful bar magnet in my pocket whenever I visit Walmart to shop. I'll also make a point of lingering in the clothing aisles to magnetically scramble as many of these nasty little chips as possible.
  • Toss one of those baby's in the microwave, haha~ ZAP!
  • and are the best web sites on the net today
  • The bar magnet would not work .The devices work by using the energy from the transmitter to power them & send back a transponder signal with a digital bit code. To disrupt or destroy the device would need an rf signal not a stationary field from a bar magnet.A very powerful pulsed signal preferably on
    the same frequency or narrow spectrum of frequencies used by the device targeted ,directed at the device at close range would cause the unit to internally short circuit the same way as an EMP from a nuclear explosion does. a microwave oven would be perfect 2-10 secs would be more than enough.
    building such a unit would be easy using parts from a local radio components or mail order store
    once the specification of the devices were know this information would be readily available from
    suppliers of devices for purposes of standardisation throughout the industry the same way as radar
    traps & detectors for them. If some were built on different frequencies to defeat "jammers/destroyers"
    all somebody would have to do is use a frequency meter in the area they were used to find out what it was. now you know this information you are going to have to kill yourselves as it would be difficult for
    me to do it over the web! (grin)
  • I agree completely with the person from texas about our freedom. You really need to understand this is just another way for our government to have knowledge of your whereabouts at any given time. You call that freedom? Come on America you better wake up to the extreme reality of what is fixing to take place.
    I also agree that is a great website. Another one is try those topics on for size.

    Sincerely concerned for not only my freedom but, yours as well.
  • RFID dancing with WiFi
    Imagin when RFID and the WiFi network.
  • RFID dancing with WiFi
    Imagine when RFID and the WiFi network.

    sorry for my bad english/spelling
  • Hmmm Lets see how many ways you can fraud this. Ok first, Say you buy two pieces of clothing. One is very expensive and the other is not. You could take the chip from the inexpensive one and put it in the other one. When you take it back they will just do the radio frecuency thing (unless they are the one in a million cashiers that arent lazy) and you will get the ammount you paid for your expensive one. Vwa La !
    Second, Since it only has a plastic covering in the store you could just put a good amount of pressure on the chip and Vwa La ! Then after that all you have to worry about is if your a good shop lifter.
    Honestly I think this is an expensive and useless thing that people think will work just because its has something to deal with technology.
    Oh and about the washermachine thing that recognizes the clothes. Did they even think about that you could be wearing clothing with the chip. What if what you want to wash is very delicate and what you are wearing is something normal. The washer could recognize yours and set it to wash normal and not delicate. Vwa La ! and that would suck.
    They just need to wait till it has less flaws and better everything.
    Johnny B
  • it is so stupid there is no need for that at all.
  • I think he means "Voila"