ID thieves use Sir Denis Thatcher as bait

ID thieves use Sir Denis Thatcher as bait

Summary: Margaret Thatcher's late husband's wealth is being used to tempt email users to fall for the latest email identity theft scam

TOPICS: Security

Identity thieves are using the late Sir Denis Thatcher's name to convince people to part with their money and personal details.

An email from the scammers addressed to the so-called beneficiary of Sir Denis' last will and testament, claims that the recipient will receive £950,000 in compensation for helping the "less privileged".

The scammers purport to be solicitors acting on behalf of the millionaire businessman and husband of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. They request recipients' identification details, such as addresses and phone numbers "in accordance with the government's inheritance laws".

"Using the late Sir Denis Thatcher's name is a sick trick designed to entice the unwary into falling for the scam," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos, the company who discovered the scam. "Scammers are constantly trying to dupe computer users into divulging sensitive information with the promise of big money."

The email reads: "We are attorneys and executors to the estates of the late Sir Denis Thatcher, first Baronet and the husband to the longest serving prime minister in British history. He died at the ripe age of 88 yrs (May 10, 1915 — June 26, 2003) we are contacting you because you are listed as a beneficiary in the estates of the late Sir Denis Thatcher. Denis Thatcher was created a Baronet in 1991, styled of Scotney in the County of Kent."

"In accordance with the British government's inheritance laws you are required to forward documents of identification [scanned accepted], present address, telephone and fax numbers to enable easy communication."

Topic: Security

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  • I received and e mail recently telling me that I had somehow been left money from Sir Denis thatcher. I had severl contacts with two persons one calling himself Robert Elliot and the other Rev.Fr. Charles Jones. Upon reading into this matter I came across this article which probably saved me so much. I am curious as to what I should do about this matter and if there is someone I can contact to show these emails to . I cannot believe that someone would do this.
  • Don't worry - it's probably OK because everything in that Innernet is true and everyone there is honest. And that spare change you hand out to bums on the street goes into a savings account, which one day they use to buy a home. Jeez, wake up dude, treat everything as suspicious - even if it's coming from me!
  • Hello is it true?, that a person does things like this I too have received several email saying about the same thing that I got a lot of money coming from an estate . What have you done ? is there something that can be done ? By god I sure could use the money. Its a shame that it comes by a death be it real or not so shocked as I am I have to give the benefit of the dough but I sure want to know I I am play a game or not its not like I all ready ruined my credit so the worst they can do is make my credit better (ROFLOL) so I am waiting to here your response