IDC report: Tablet market grows nearly 50 percent, Apple loses iPad share

IDC report: Tablet market grows nearly 50 percent, Apple loses iPad share

Summary: While Apple continues to dominate the growing tablet market, Samsung is making a play with their Android competitors. Asus also did well thanks to the Google Nexus 7 launched earlier this year.


While Apple begins to deliver the new iPad mini to new buyers, today we read the IDC report on worldwide tablet shipments that has Apple dominating the tablet market. Apple's share did decline from 59.7 percent to 50.4 percent, but the firm did see growth of 26.1 percent in shipments year on year.

The share loss for Apple was picked up primarily by Samsung, Amazon, and Asus. It seems the Asus manufactured Google Nexus 7 helped quite a bit as they saw a 252.9% growth in shipments over the last year.

Samsung is now clearly in second place with 18.4 percent of the market, thanks to a 325 percent growth in shipments on the previous year. This is a huge increase. With the new Note 10.1 and Google's Nexus 10, both developed by Samsung, this figure is likely to continue to grow. Apple's iPad mini received on the whole good reviews and the lower price point should get more people into the tablet market, so it will be interesting to see how Apple fares at the end of the current fourth quarter and fiscal year.

The entire tablet market grew 49.5 percent over the last year and it seems that more and more people are starting to find a place for a tablet in their lives.

Microsoft recently launched their Surface RT a few weeks ago too, with Windows 8 tablets arriving shortly. We will have keep an eye on the impact to the tablet market in future reports. Also, Amazon has more Kindle HD devices launching soon, and with their Kindle Fire HD priced very competitively I imagine we will see significant growth in the overall tablet market thanks to the upcoming holiday season.

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  • Storage upgrades

    I am getting a bit tired of Apple, since they still take $100 for upgrade 16GB to 32 GB memory for iPads. Apple charge customers 10 times what they pay themselves. Hopefully all Windows 8/RT tablets will have memory card slots. OEMs probably does not have to pay extra license fee for file systems on SD-cards, since Microsoft owns it.
    • Linux will pass iPad this year

      which ain't surprise at all -uust natural development. World is moving to Linux and open source software. Next stage will be massive invasion of ChromeBook and other Linux-based ARM-devices destroying Windows-laptops.
  • loses iPad share?

    is that a joke? so now your going to refer to all tablets like an iPad as an iPad?
  • Yeah well Apple blew it!

    Having used an iPad Mini next to a Nexus 7 I can tell you Apple Blew it! The Nexus 7 is pretty much better in every way.
    • What a joke

      You expect us to believe you would have seen this any different no matter what Apple had produced with the Mini? You prefer the Nexus better, that's great, you should by one but that doesn't mean it is better for everyone. To each their own but of course your bias wouldn't allow you to believe anybody could prefer the Mini could it.
  • iPad availability???

    Here in Malaysia you can only get an iPad 2 and iPhone 4S whilst those to the north in Thailand and south in Singapore have all available. So what is a geek to do? Wait another month or two before Apple finally decides to sell in Malaysia?
    Samsung Note II will be my choice of phone and maybe no need for an iPad mini (not that it will be available maybe in early 2013).
    Sorry Apply, but the added wait does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about your products.