IE8 to arrive on 20 March

IE8 to arrive on 20 March

Summary: Microsoft Taiwan representatives have reportedly revealed that the launch date for version 8 of Internet Explorer: 20 March.

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Microsoft Taiwan representatives have reportedly revealed that the launch date for version 8 of Internet Explorer: 20 March.

According to the Taipei Times, the announcement happened in a press conference held yesterday to unveil the Taiwanese IE8 partners. This date coincides with Microsoft's MIX web development conference to be held in Las Vegas next week.

Microsoft has also this week published a whitepaper and video that claim Internet Explorer 8 is faster more often than Chrome and Firefox on 25 popular websites.

IE8 wins in 12 of the 25 tests according to Microsoft. (Credit: Microsoft)

The whitepaper details Microsoft's testing procedure and claims that "overall 'page load times'" are a truer measurement of browser performance than JavaScript tests where IE8 has been found lacking.

A notable omission from the list of sites chosen by Microsoft is a JavaScript- or AJAX-heavy site that would test IE8's JavaScript engine.

Topic: Browser


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  • Firefox blows

    It's always been a slow buggy browser, full of bloat. The sooner it dies the better. Good to see chrome holding its own!
  • How long does it take to open up IE8?

    Or.. open a new tab?
    IE7's pretty bad in that area, and both FF and Chrome beats it outright.
  • How long does it take to open up IE8?

    A boatload less time than it takes Firefox or Chrome to boot up, that is for sure. If IE8 is outperformed on bootup by Firefox or Chrome on your computer then your computer is a POS - try upgrading to a better one or better still, stop installing crappy software written by amateurs.
  • Are you kidding

    Firefox is actually far better than Internet Explorer. It actually follows css and html guidelines unlike IE, and because mozilla dont have the same multi billion dollar agendas that Microsoft I think Open Source wins. Your loss.
  • Guideless... Pfft

    Firefox is not 100% W3C compliant and neither is any browser. That said you are replying to a comment that didn't place doubt on your claims. it's funny how open source zealots always divert attention away from the thrust of a discussion for their own personal benefit.

    Getting back to the thrust of the discussion, Firefox was the subject of more security advisories than any other web browser or even any operating system in 2008. Firefox is a piece of junk that the developers once labelled secure and the blind followers labelled hack-proof.

    We all know there's no such product and can't ever be - from Microsoft or any of their competitors.
  • And....

    I will also add that even if Firefox was 100% standards-compliant you will find that 99.9% of websites aren't. Even those whose webmasters declare a DOCTYPE at the top of the page rarely find that their pages meet the standards they are declaring.

    This page alone has over 100 coding errors, just as an example so in reality the whole issue of browser loading times, booting times, standards-compliance levels and even security is all hypothetical - if there are no websites that are standards-compliant and also secure and well-designed then there are no accurate benchmarks to measure browsers with.
  • Longer than FF and Chrome, that's for sure!

    Well Fatso, IMO it's Microsoft's fault for making an OS that can only be run on top-of-the-line PCs. If Firefox and Chrome can open up faster than IE then Firefox and Chrome are simply faster and better than IE.

    At least Window 7 (so far) promises to be a simple OS that can be run on POSes.
  • IE8

    At least Microsoft give you a chance to beta test it first!
    Anyway who cares if it takes a bit longer ... you get the webpage. It has backward compatibility etc. IE8 is Microsoft complient and that is what counts really Microsoft works! Dont see FF or Opera or others making an OS to compare.
    I say stick with the company that at least puts its name on the line and gives us all something to benchmark whether it is the best or not at least it makes us better users for the effort.
    Im sick of the microsoft bashers giving them a hard time. Most of these zelus users get viruses and spyware coz they dont pay for internet security either.
    Go get a life
  • Please... stop talking

    Do you happen to live under a rock?

    Did you happen to miss the public beta testing for Firefox 3?

    Perhaps you were too busy coming up with the gem henceforth known as Microsoft-compliance. I think that really speaks for itself.

    As for those you refer to as Microsoft bashers being more at risk of viruses, please do provide some actual basis for your statement if you're going to be making absurd generalisations of that magnitude.
  • IE8

    If it's backwards compatible, as someone claim, why doesn't it work in Windows 2000 ????.
    Windows 2000 is still the operating system that Microsoft has to better.
    Instead of trying to make new systems, and getting them bugfree why not improve on someting that already works.