IHS: Apple still crowned tablet king with 70 percent share

IHS: Apple still crowned tablet king with 70 percent share

Summary: Apple remains on top of the global tablet market share list and holds onto its crown by a massive margin. The iPad maker now has close to 70 percent of the entire market hooked on its tablet.

TOPICS: Apple, Android, Tablets

Latest figures from research firm IHS iSuppli, who tracks worldwide device shipments, shows Apple remains far ahead of its rivals during second quarter of 2012.

In just two years of creating the worldwide tablet market, Apple has approximately 70 percent of the overall share -- rocketing by more than 58 percent year-on-year -- with 17 million shipments. Samsung however has around 11 percent of the market, dwarfed by its main rivals' share, with just 2.25 million tablet shipments.

By comparison, Amazon has 4 percent -- a drop by 13 percent on the first quarter of 2012, while Barnes & Noble has a meager 2 percent -- a drop by more than 25 percent on the previous quarter. 

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 16.26.28
Credit: IHS iSuppli.

IHS said it believes this to be the largest share of the market that Apple has held since the first quarter of 2011 when it more than 70 percent of the overall market share.

But how this will fare in the coming months -- with the newly released Google Nexus 7, and the forthcoming release of the Microsoft-branded Surface tablet -- remains to be seen.

Updated at 1:40 p.m. to strike out irrelevant figures.

Topics: Apple, Android, Tablets

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  • Samsung US Tablet sales

    Zack, the 1.4m number is from Q4 2010 to Q2 2012 combined.

    I believe the court documents show 37,000 equivalent Samsung tablets for Q2 2012.
    • Very good point

      Taken out the irrelevant bits. More focus on the actual story instead. Thanks for the comment!
    • The problem with all those "researches" is that all figures besides Apple's

      ... are made-up.

      In the light what court papers show about Samsung's tablet sales is could be said that Apple's share on tablet market was always much higher since the very start of iPad sales in 2010.
  • What is in the "Others" column?

    Are these cheap, noname tablets that no one ever buys?

    If so, those can be discounted from marketshare figures and given to Apple. At worst, Apple has 80% marketshare and going by actual web site traffic, Apple has closer to 90% marketshare. Monopoly.
  • Monopoly is illegal when

    a company uses it's market share to PREVENT others from entering the market, like Microsoft did with Netscape and Java when they tried to compete with the secret Windows internal API calls by writing their own.
    Tony Burzio
    • Oh, so like what apple does with mobile safari?

      No alternate HTML renderers allowed in iOS and only safari gets to use Nitro enhanced through secret API calls, all other browser shells (that is all 3rd party iOS browsers are) are forced to use Nitro crippled.

      Thanks Tony, you've just proved that Apple has an illegal monopoly. Appreciate the help.

      PS How do I delete the built in iOS stock app? I don't use it. I don't like it. apple is using some kind of secret api to prevent me from deleting this app. No 3rd party developer gets to use that secret API to prevent me from deleting their app.
      • What to do?

        Jailbreak it.
        • You still get more power for the price

          by rooting an Android phone.

          And, hjailbroken or rooted, either platform becomes more susceptible to malware unless you know what you're doing, and unrooted/unjailbroken devices have been shown to be hacked as well (and I don't mean the ability to jailbreak/root them...)
    • Actually, like Microsoft did

      with other operating systems and software: OS/2, DR-DOS, Lotus, Wordperfect. They had illegal clauses that penalized OEM's for including such software with the threat of not allowing them to sell MS warez at all.
    • Netscape...

      You realize Netscape wasn't trying to enter the market. They were in the market before Microsoft. In fact, they dominated the browser market completely. When Microsoft introduced their browser, Netscape made a big public spectacle out of saying that Microsoft was no threat to their browser market. Only a couple years later, most people buying computers for the first time didn't know who Netscape was. It's an example of what should happen to an arrogant company that rests on its laurels for too long in an open market. I was happy to get rid of Netscape. It was a crappy browser which wasn't making any progress at all. I was just as happy to get rid of Internet Explorer when it stagnated for so many years. Keep up or get out, I say.
      • That's because

        Microsoft welded IE into Windows, removing choice. When people do not have choice then the Market can be perverted. Microsoft did that with Dr. DOS, Netscape, QuickTime, etc. While it's not Illegal to have a monopoly, being an Abusive, Predatory Monopolist is certainly frowned upon.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Microsoft's practice of product tying

        is what got them into trouble.
        • I know what you mean

          It would be like bundling a media player and a browser on a monopoly "smartphone" or "tablet".

          Oh wait.
          • Yes, but…

            Apple doesn't have a monopoly in smart phones, they less than 20% market share (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/18/android-market-share-q3-2012_n_1893292.html?utm_hp_ref=technology).
            Fred Fredrickson
    • What is your point.

      Sometime dominant market share is JUST dominant market share. How exactly is Apples dominant market share preventing others from entering the market?
  • Not surprised

    As much as I love my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab the OS leaves much to be desired in terms of stability. However, ICS was just released for it in the US, so I may change my mind bit. My next tablet will probably be a Surface RT tablet.
  • Nice but not important...

    I for one doubt Apple can hold onto the tablet market share lead. That said I'm long on record foe saying market share is I important and profit is everything. Take the android army. It is made up of many an individual solder... Some impressive, some so not. Kind of reminds me of the time I was shopping and saw this skinny kid with this T-shirt that said Army of God. I sized the kid up and thought to myself Jesus needs help:). Apple likely will not remaine market share leader but will likely remain margin and profit KING! With MS entering the fray and it's many OEM's there will likely be a battle between android and windows for market share and in the process both sides will suffer due primarily loss on profit per sale. Most OEM's won't even see any after sales monies like Apple does with it's devices.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • Agreed on profit, but...

      I wouldn't be so quick to predict Apple's lead disappearing. It's a different market than smartphones, with different rules. First, while exclusivity was a necessary evil for Apple (in order to wrestle control from AT&T), it did give Google/Android the benefit of carrier diversity. While Android fans are quick to dismiss it, don't underestimate its role in Android gaining the marketshare it did.

      Second, I think Apple's marketshare will ultimately be determined by whether the release a cheaper iPad (and not just last year's model). This is the much rumored 7.8" tablet. If they can get to the $250-300 range, I think it will be close enough to the Fire and Nexus pricing to compete respectably. I agree with many who feel that the 7" tablets aren't stealing share from Apple, they're tablet buyers that otherwise wouldn't be in the market (if all options were in the $399+ range).
    • It's interesting (but not surprising)

      how few people are willing to acknowledge this. Money is the only metric that counts in this game.
  • That's the difference between Apple, and Microsoft

    Apple gains marketshare by building desirable products, while Microsoft uses Mafia tactics to gain marketshare.
    Jumpin Jack Flash