Improve your fitness and help get in shape with the Garmin Forerunner 610: Review

Improve your fitness and help get in shape with the Garmin Forerunner 610: Review

Summary: Garmin's Forerunner 610 is their premier GPS watch, and after testing it for a couple of weeks, I agree it is one of the best. As summer approaches, you may want to consider the 610 and hit the road.

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  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Garmin 610 retail package contents

    I was sent the full Garmin Forerunner 610 package, which includes the Forerunner 610, heart rate monitor strap, special USB charging cable, USB A/C adapter, ANT USB dongle, and instruction manual. The charger piece has a magnet in it, and works through two contacts that touch the bottom of the Forerunner 610. I found the reported battery life of at least a week of running (45-minute runs each day) to be accurate.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Charger attached to the 610

    The Garmin Forerunner 610 is built like a tank, and definitely feels worthy of the $350 price. It has a metal back, glass front, and durable rubber wrist strap. There are three hardware buttons and two touch buttons that accompany the touchscreen panel. The touchscreen is not sensitive to finger touch, but rather fingernails. This makes it less likely that you will accidentally touch it and activate functions, but I find it sometimes takes a few taps with my nail to make things happen. After using capacitive touchscreen smartphones and tablets, along with the Motoactv, using the Forerunner 610 takes some practice.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Front of the 610 with charger in place

    The top-left button activates the backlight, while also turning the device on and off. The upper-right button is used just to start and stop the timer. The bottom-right button marks new laps and resets the timer. I find it odd that you press and hold the bottom right button to reset the device, which acts to save the previous workout.

    The touch-sensitive area on the bottom activates the menu options. The left touch-sensitive area is used to go back.

Topics: Mobility, Health, Reviews

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  • Echo... Echo... Echo

    I find it interesting that there are no comments on this story. either the geeks (and we all are on this site) never exercise or they just don't give a damn about fitness products. lol
  • Running with MP3s?

    Not my cup of tea. If you're running on streets or multi use trails, I hope you keep the volume low and use open-air earbuds.
  • whats wrong with the iphone?

    What wrong with running with your phone? oh well I started google a bit I found it rather interesting with all the functions these running watches has. just take a look at this one.