Android most popular platform for entertainment in India

Android most popular platform for entertainment in India

Summary: A recent study points out that every third smartphone user in India is using an Android-based handset to access live entertainment content online. The second-most popular platform is Symbian, followed by Blackberry.


A recent study undertaken by Ditto TV--India’s Over-The-Top TV (OTT) distribution platform-–revealed that every third smartphone user in India uses an Android-based handset to access live entertainment content online while every fifth user prefers a Symbian platform. Blackberry users claimed a close third spot, garnering over 17 percent of the OTT viewership space.

In the fields of broadcasting and content delivery, OTT means broadband delivery of video and audio without the Internet service provider being involved in the control or distribution of the content itself.

Ditto TV is an offering from the digital arm of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), Zee New Media. As per a company release, these findings are collected from over 4,25,000 Ditto users who have downloaded the Ditto TV application to their mobiles, tablets and computers.

While Mumbai retains its frontline position in terms of adoption of new technologies with 16 percent of the user base, overall the metro circles, with 26 percent of the total user base, are facing stiff competition from states like (the rest of) Maharashtra (11 percent) and even Rajasthan (7 percent).

Mumbai, Maharashtra and Gujarat together account for nearly 40 percent of the total user base. Interestingly, the total time spent on the content in Mumbai is double that in Delhi, a statement issued by Ditto TV said.

With a mobile in nearly every hand, consumers are finding it convenient to carry their live entertainment in their pocket rather than staying glued to their TV screens. According to the study, the average Android user devotes around 145 minutes per month to watch this content. Symbian usage in India, on the other hand, is significantly higher. The Indian user clocks in over 272 minutes.

Blackberry users in India spend over 116 minutes watching live content. Apple users in India, while having a lower penetration, still clock up an average 102 minutes.

"PC users in India, at a little over 457 minutes, spend significantly more time streaming live content through OTT platform; in contrast with the other platforms," the study said.

The study also looked at the preferences for telecom providers.

According to the study, Bharti Airtel, at close to 10 percent of the user base, is the most preferred network. BSNL, at 6.5 percent, is in the second place while Idea (at 5.5 percent) and Vodafone (with over 4 percent subscribing to it) came in the third and fourth place.

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