Delhi to receive major boost in Vodafone 3G services

Delhi to receive major boost in Vodafone 3G services

Summary: In a plan to increase network coverage and reliability, Vodafone is adding 1,700 more 3G cell towers in Delhi within the next 12 months.

TOPICS: Telcos, 4G, Mobility, India

Currently, Vodafone has approximately 8,300 3G cell phone towers in Delhi and the plan is to add 1,700 more within the next 12 months, totaling 10,000, reports The Times of India.


Vodafone is betting large on their existing 3G infrastructure as compared to rival Bharti Airtel, they currently don't offer any 4G services in Delhi or anywhere else in India. That being said, in order to lure customers, Vodafone has also slashed 3G tariffs by up to 80 percent.

For the quarter ending June 30, 2013, Vodafone saw an increase of 29 percent in mobile Internet usage against the previous quarter, due to an increase of both data customers and high usage subscribers.

I've been with Vodafone for over three years now and can honestly say it's one of the more better and reliable 3G network in Delhi. Previously, I was with Bharti Airtel. Not only was the network coverage and reception extremely poor, especially in my house, their rates for both calls and data services were outrageous. However, that was before I made the switch to Vodafone and I've been enjoying superb network coverage along with great reception. In fact, Vodafone's reception is so good within Delhi that there is even coverage underground within Delhi Metro.

I am a little surprised Vodafone is installing 1,700 more 3G cell towers, instead of investing and setting up infrastructure for 4G services instead, as Bharti Airtel has. At the same token, 4G services haven't really been that popular within India. While available in certain regions, it appears most Indian mobile customers are content with 3G services, for now.

One of the reasons for this is because Bharti Airtel has a monopoly over 4G services in India, and as such, one expect their rates to be high. With no benchmark or friendly competition, Indian consumers don't know if they're getting a good deal or not.

Furthermore, with the systematic drop in 3G tariffs across the board, it also appears Indian mobile operators want to keep their customers on 3G networks longer than most would expect. Finally, probably the most commonly overlooked reason for remaining on 3G for now is that even if you take your device to a 4G device, Indian consumers might not experience the full capabilities of 4G because of device restrictions, such as features and processor speeds. As such, until 4G devices also become more popular in India, Indian consumers will have to do with 3G instead.

Topics: Telcos, 4G, Mobility, India

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  • worst mobile service providers vodafone

    vodafone Delhi NCR

    by AYUSHBHI on APRIL 9, 2014

    The customer service of vodafone is pathetic.
    They are least bothered about people’s time.
    In this technology savvy world, they are completely outdated.
    I feel I have done biggest mistake of my life by taking vodafone connection.

    I took new postpaid vodafone connection and then they took decades for verfication and then they made my verification as negative and no information to me and simple my services was deactivated. when i complained with the customer care they again did the check verification call went successfully then the representative said that our person will verify the addess proof another day morning. However no body came to the address verification.

    and then from morning i keep getting messages that my credit limit is extended and then suddenly in the afternoon my outgoing calls and my internet connection was barred. I was amazed that vodafone was asking me to pay the bill even before the monthly bill cycle is this a postpaid connection or what ?

    when i contacted customer care he took half hour to understand my problem and then he said to pay the bill , i explauined him thrice that i already paid the bill he was not at all understanding and then when i raised my voice he said to reinsert the sim i even did that but it did not worked out. after such a long discusion customer care guy told me that your verification is pending and thats why services is been barred.

    i am not at all understanding that if vodafone did not sent his guy for veriifcation on the date and time they told then why they barred my services. This simply very frustrating . I will say nobody should take vodafone these guys are worst. Especially for delhi ncr region . I want the consumer forum to take strict action against them.