Huawei's first overseas user group opens in Bangalore

Huawei's first overseas user group opens in Bangalore

Summary: The Chinese telecoms giant picks India for its first overseas Huawei Club, which will serve as a feedback channel, hold customer engagement activities, and promote its new smartphone user interface Emotion UI.


Chinese telecoms gear maker Huawei has opened its first overseas fan club in Bangalore, which will be a platform for users and techies to engage with the company's research and development team.


"As a unique platform, Huawei Club will provide a channel for the company to listen to consumers, showcase latest products and services, offer online content and facilitate direct interaction with our research and development engineers," said Huawei Technologies India chief operating officer Wilson Wang, in a report on Sunday by Business Standard.

According to Huawei, the first club was launched last year in China and became popular with five million people joining as members. It will promote its new user interface, Emotion UI, which is embedded in Huawei smartphones.

It added this was part of a global consumer-centric initiative to connect user communities and collaborate with end users.

"Members can also benefit from the club by experiencing our latest range of smartphones, tablets, interact with geeks, developers, user interface experts and product managers," Wang said in the article.

Last month, Huawei announced it would spend US$30 million to build for branding and to boost its retail presence in India. The Chinese firm also targeted sales of one million smartphones over the next six months.

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