Indian Railways to offer free Wi-Fi on trains

Indian Railways to offer free Wi-Fi on trains

Summary: A US$1.1 million satellite Internet pilot project will roll out free wireless Internet access to passengers for its train service which takes almost a day to travel halfway across the country.

TOPICS: Wi-Fi, India

The Indian Railways will invest in a US$1.1 million free Wi-Fi pilot project levaraging satellite technology to service its busy New Delhi train route.

Indian Railways is investing in a free Wi-Fi service.

In a statement Wednesday, the Railways Minister Pawan Kumar announced that passengers travelling on the Howrah Rajdhani Express (HRE) from West Bengal to New Delhi can access free Wi-Fi.

Over 17 hours the HRE traverses every type of terrain, travelling 1,451 km to and from the Indian capital to Howrah, West Bengal. Train no. 12302 travels halfway across the subcontinent.

The HRE was India's first fully air-conditioned train and now satellite antenna fixed to one of the the two power cars will supply a 4 Mbps/512 Kbps Internet connection to the cross-country commuters. This is distributed via Wi-Fi radios attached to each coach, which contains an internal access point.

To register for access, passengers must provide their passenger name record (PNR) and mobile number, and the Indian Railways will SMS the login ID and password valid for a single journey.

Indian Railways plans to extend this service on other express train services in the future, alongside several technology projects designed to reinforce the country's transport infrastructure.

Topics: Wi-Fi, India

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  • West Bengal

    West Bengal, the state where Howrah is located, IS NOT India's western most state. It is on the Eastern border. And it is not even eastern most state, there are 7 more states east to it, on the other side of Bangladesh, the North Eastern States.
    Raju Das
    • Ah...

      You must forgive the flush and rashness of youth and the need for catchy one-liners! In the process, if facts suffer, so be it!
    • Corrected.

      I appreciate that you took the time to comment and will be more careful in future to avoid similar mistakes.

      My sincere apologies.
  • It was surprising

    to see last week that New Delhi T3, the new super duper place doesn't have free Wifi, and here we are hoping to get it on moving trains.

    PS: Before someone say, I'm wrong, you need to have local mobile number to get access and that too for only 20 minutes. what if my flight is delayed or I'm early there, as I wasted 3 hours.

  • Commendable...but?

    The project is commendable, for those high-end travelers traveling in High-class trains. However, Indian Railways must take up the project of incorporating septic latrines in trains preferentially. As a matter of fact, most of the 10,000 odd trains running in India on any given day have latrines which open to railway tracks, causing a big danger to public health.