Incipio iPhone 5 case roundup: 6 models offer function, style, and protection

Incipio iPhone 5 case roundup: 6 models offer function, style, and protection

Summary: Incipio makes some of my favorite cases and I've spent the last couple of weeks checking out six new models for the Apple iPhone 5. Check out the photos of them all.


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  • Two pieces of the DualPro SHINE

  • Hands-on with the NGP

    I also really liked the NGP case that has a similar style to the SHINE. This is a one piece case that looks similar to the soft silicone core in others, but this piece is more rigid. It surrounds all sides with an opening for the ringer switch and openings in the bottom for the headphone jack, Lightning port, and speaker.

    I tested the Translucent Mercury one, but it also comes in Obsidian Black, Translucent Orchid Pink, and Translucent Indigo Violet. I like the matte finish of the NGP and unlike many of these with glossy finishes you can't see scratches or fingerprints on this case. You can pick up the NGP for $19.99.

  • Back and side of the NGP

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  • Or You Could Just Get An Android Phone

    What are these cases made of? Polycarbonate plastic--the same material that most Android phones are covered with. Yet those phones are regularly criticized in reviews for looking and feeling "cheap". So what does that mean if you put your expensive Iphone into one of these cases? It means that it, too, is going to end up looking and feeling "cheap", right? Isn't that defeating the point of all the money you spent on it? To spend even more to make it look like an Android phone?
    • Yes, Ido17...

      I am a reference to the other discussion, you will now notice the
      spam post is gone. I made a reply, then reported the spam.
      ZDNet Moderator
    • Now in regards to phone cases,

      I've always wondered why people do this? I see them all the time, for all makes
      and models of "smartphones". People go and buy a sleek new gadget, that a
      manufacturer has gone to great lengths to design to be very attractive, turn to
      another counter and buy some bulky, gawdy looking protective cover to hide
      all the sleek design features??? Sort of begs to question phone manufacturers...
      Why not design your phones with all the extra protection already there?
      At least a few of these protective cases aren't excessively bulky, but those are
      in the minority. I've seen Android and iPhone cases that almost doubled the
      size of the phone. Consumers...sheesh, go figure.
      posted as just a plain old ZDNet Member
    • The Android phones ARE cheaply made

      Sorry to burst your bubble but every single iPhone I've ever used has felt more solid tan any Android device I've ever used.

      And the case is not to make it "look like an Android phone" as you say - that theory is sloppy thinking at best and sheer ignorance at worst - it's for protection of the device from scratches and falls. And before you bleat about how tough Android phones are comparitively, no they are not. And BTW when I used Android devices I also put them in Otterbox Defender cases.

      I decided one day to put the Otterbox to the test - I had at the time an Iphone 4 and an HTC Thunderbolt. I threw both of them at the same time against a door and went over to pick them up. The iPhone kept right on going the HTC I had to take it out of the case and do a battery pull to get it working again.

      Oh and BTW here's a news flash for you - the polycarbonate they use for these cases is at least 2x as thick as the ploycarbonate they use on the Android devices.
      • Re: The Android phones ARE cheaply made

        Go and read Gizmodo's report on what an Iphone 5 looks like after just two months without a case.

        By contrast, both my Android phones, even the oldest one at 2 years, are free of scratches and dents, without cases.