Infographic: The Six Most Texted-About Moments Of London 2012 Olympics

Infographic: The Six Most Texted-About Moments Of London 2012 Olympics

Summary: 2012 should henceforth be known as The Mobile Games, as tablets, apps and SMS all made a huge impact on athletes and spectators alike.


For competitors, apps and tablets were instrumental during both training and the actual competitions. Many gold medal winners openly credited their iPads for their success.

For spectators worldwide, mobile was a hugely popular channel for viewing and keeping track of the two week games. 12 million people watched the Olympics on the BBC via smartphone or tablet.

At American broadcaster NBC, 10 million people watched the Olympics via its mobile site, while 11.2 million and 3.7 people used its two Olympics apps, Live Extra and NBC Olympics.


With London 2012 proving to be the Mobile Games, these phones were just for show.

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According to Google, 50% of the searches for the Olympics came from mobile devices.

Finally, texting by Olympic spectators, tourists and United Kingdom residents spiked during key moments at the games. Indeed, text and tweet traffic was so heavy that early on it temporarily overloaded at least one data network.

(It should be noted that official 2012 Olympic communications services provider BT, Vodafone and O2, owned by Spain's Telefonica, told Reuters they did not experience any network problems.)

So what were the most texted-about events? According to Sybase 365, an SAP subsidiary which helps deliver more than 1.8 billion messages daily (and has helped deliver 2 trillion messages altogether), there were six moments:

Six Most Texted Olympic 2012 Moments

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  • RE: No US moments we were kind of hours behind because of #NBCFail

    Yes NBC streamed the events live but you just could not log on to the site. Had to register and have a provider and there were issues with the biggest events. It would be interesting to see what tape delayed events resulted in the largest amount of texts after they finally aired.
  • That would've been interesting test of U.S. mobile audience

    My theory is that you wouldn't have seen the same spike related to NBC airing since the events would have occurred several hours earlier, robbing any texts/tweets of their news value.