Information Technologists parade Royal Charter

Information Technologists parade Royal Charter

Summary: The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists took its new charter from the queen through the streets of London, preceded by men with musket and pike

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  • On Thursday evening, the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists received its Royal Charter, granted by the queen, in St Paul's Cathedral.

    The Company is the 100th London Livery Company — originally medieval guilds that regulated industries, they are now mostly social and charitable organisations. The Information Technologists' Company is particularly active in education and training, and this ceremony marks its full incorporation into that tradition.

    After being bestowed in St Paul's Cathedral, the Charter was carried by the Company in a procession through rush hour traffic to a substantial banquet. Shiny helmets and big sticks were the order of the day, as traditionally garbed pikemen led the way. Follow ZDNet UK as it documents this uniquely British affair.

  • The assembled VIPs and principal members of the Company as they prepare for the procession. The Royal Charter is carried in its beribboned box to the banquet, much as a pizza would be delivered, except that no moped or pizza is involved.

Topic: After Hours

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  • Looks like Londonuggboots is offering a bit of advertising. Send them a bill @ 100lbs. per character.
  • Royal Chart = Protectionism,
    Usually a precursor to protectionism. The next thing is they make it a crime to do work without being a member, and thus 'qualified' where they define 'qualified'.
    All a big fat scam to substitute membership of a chartered group, for skills and qualifications.