Innovative, must-have gadgets for photographers: 2014

Innovative, must-have gadgets for photographers: 2014

Summary: Photography is no longer limited to the darkroom -- and there are many innovative, eccentric and downright genius products out there which can vastly improve your photos.


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  • Solar charger

    For $339 you could probably afford to buy 6-10 spare camera batteries (or those emergency phone chargers) that weigh less than the solar charger, take up less room. and don't restrict access to your backpack.
    Ian Sargent
  • Not for photographers

    That's all gadgets for consumers and not photographers.
    Buster Friendly
  • As a photographer....

    I love the innovation.
  • If you're willing to buy lenses for a phone . . . (and other thoughts)

    If you're willing to buy lenses for a phone . . .

    . . . maybe, just maybe, you should be looking into a DSLR.

    "Panono" "Price: $549"

    ". . . you throw the ball in the air . . ."

    . . . and watch $550 shatter into a million pieces that one time you fail to catch it?

    "The Selfie"

    Those earbuds that come with your iOS device with the volume controls? They also do the same thing.

    "Fuse 10W Solar charger" "Price: $339"

    I'd rather buy a small, portable battery. Much cheaper, and still lasts all day.
    • I'm not sure

      I'm not sure someone that would be happy with a $20 lens stuck on a smartphone would appreciate the DSLR even on the low end.
      Buster Friendly
  • For consumers, yes. For "photographers," no.

    What I wanted: a photography article.

    What I got: a phone accessory article.