Inside CommBank's Kaching: photos

Inside CommBank's Kaching: photos

Summary: The Commonwealth Bank has made a to-do list as long as its proverbial arm for the future of its NFC-enabled, pay-anyone app Kaching!, which includes support for virtual currency, like Facebook Credits, coupons, deals and an eventual partnership with Google for its Wallet product. Take a look inside the first iteration of Kaching! and our chat with CommBank chief marketing officer, Andy Lark.


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  • The Kaching! product means that customers, via the app, can pay each other via email, Facebook and mobile, and via an iCarte case for iPhone, or pay via MasterCard's contactless PayPass terminals. Users don't have to be Commonwealth Bank customers to receive payments, either, with non-bank customers directed to an external collection site.

    The app will be compatible with iOS 4.3 and above, according to the bank, with cases designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

  • When paying, users can choose to pay via an address book, a Facebook friends list or a phone number. CommBank's sample image shows that if you really want to, you can pay Summer Glau of Firefly fame. Nice.

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