Inside CommBank's Kaching: photos

Inside CommBank's Kaching: photos

Summary: The Commonwealth Bank has made a to-do list as long as its proverbial arm for the future of its NFC-enabled, pay-anyone app Kaching!, which includes support for virtual currency, like Facebook Credits, coupons, deals and an eventual partnership with Google for its Wallet product. Take a look inside the first iteration of Kaching! and our chat with CommBank chief marketing officer, Andy Lark.


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  • When paying, users can choose to pay via an address book, a Facebook friends list or a phone number. CommBank's sample image shows that if you really want to, you can pay Summer Glau of Firefly fame. Nice.

  • While the offering doesn't have a release date yet, Lark told ZDNet Australia that it would arrive before Christmas, and app users would be sent their case within 48 hours of downloading the app if they pre-register.

    "We'll get the app out on the same day as the case. There's a few finishing touches that need to go onto the app, and then it goes to Apple, goes through their process, comes out of their process and our goal is to have it out before Christmas. The earlier, the better, from our perspective. We're ready to go with the cases, we have them in stock," he said.

  • You can choose from a list of your Facebook friends to pay and even post on their wall once your payment is processed. A little creepy, but we guess that's the modus operandi of the social network.

    Lark said that Facebook has been an incredible partner to work with throughout the entire process, and saw the relationship progressing into virtual currency territory via the Kaching! app.

    "We're working hard with Facebook on [integrating Facebook Credits], and we hope to do interesting things there. I think there are hundreds of applications that get spawned when you start doing that. There are merchants who can offer coupons and deals inside Facebook, [as well as] Living Social, Twitter.

    "We have this long list of people we want to go and enable next. We're really excited about the opportunity, but we had to start somewhere and we couldn't bite everything off at once," Lark said.

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