Intel opens AppUp Center to Moblin netbook apps

Intel opens AppUp Center to Moblin netbook apps

Summary: The Atom-centric application storefront, which already carries Windows apps, will also support apps written for the MeeGo platform in the future

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Intel has launched a Moblin version of its AppUp Center, offering a storefront for developers looking to sell applications for the Linux-based netbook operating system.

The AppUp Center, an online application store targeting Intel's netbook-centric Atom processor, went into beta for Windows applications in January. The Moblin version is also in beta, and both stores are available now to consumers in the US and Canada. They will open up to European users on 31 March.

While it is now open for Moblin v2.1 applications, the store will take applications for MeeGo in the future. MeeGo is the fusion of Moblin and Nokia's Maemo platform, announced in February, that will succeed both operating systems. According to Intel, the move to MeeGo will let developers target smartphones and other consumer electronics, as well as netbooks.

Applications can be submitted to the AppUp Center through the Intel Atom Developer Program, which lets developers set their pricing and the locations in which they wish their software to be sold. The Atom Developer Program submission process includes a checkbox that will make the application automatically available in any new countries that get added to the list of those supported in the program.

Intel has also reminded developers of the 31 March deadline for the first phase of its Million Dollar Development Fund, which is intended to spur interest in writing for the Atom chipset. There is also a 16 August deadline for the Intel Atom Developer Challenge, which offers two grand prizes worth $50k (£34k) each for the winning applications.

Topic: Mobility

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