Internet Blackout: The final verdict

Internet Blackout: The final verdict

Summary: The Great Australian Internet Blackout campaign against mandatory ISP-level filtering has attracted twice as many websites to its cause as had pledged before it began.


The Great Australian Internet Blackout campaign against mandatory ISP-level filtering has attracted twice as many websites to its cause as had pledged before it began.

Great Australian Internet Blackout

An example of a site under blackout
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A spokesperson for the campaign said today that since the start of the protest on Monday over 1000 sites had joined the protest by blacking out their sites — showing a protest notification that those visiting the site had to close. The protest ends today.

Five hundred sites had said they would carry the JavaScript for displaying the message before the week began, but they didn't all put the message up at the same time, meaning the protest got off to a slow start.

However, gradual growth continued and today over 1000 sites were displaying the anti-filtering message. The pop-up was also viewed half a million times by people visiting the blacked-out websites.

One of the spokespeople for the protest said he was really happy with the numbers, since he thought that of the 500 who'd pledged, not all would go through with it.

A spokesperson for Electronic Frontiers Australia, which has been supporting the protest, said that having the message on so many websites has widened the ring of those aware about the action from the technically gifted into the broader sphere.

It hasn't stopped there, however. The Electronic Frontiers Australia spokesperson said that another campaign website was already in the works, and that the organisation was going to take out advertising on the issue.

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  • Black Out Protest

    Do you suppose Google will pull out of the Australian market because of the requirement of the Australian Government that the web be subject to censorship?
    What about it Google?
  • there is a deeper agenda here

    The NWO wants to censor the internet so that its agenda will go on unabated by the unwashed masses and civil watch dog groups.

    I hear rumors of the US government planning on requiring the equivalent of a license to be able to surf the internet. And if you behave bad on the net, then you will get your license revoked and not be able to use the internet. Filtering to stop child pornographers and the falseflag cyber attacks are pretexts for more regulations and control of the internet. Such control would make the internet a passive medium just like television and not the Democratic tool we use now.

    In addition, shortly after 9/11 there were conspiracy theories about it being an inside job. Well, we now know that they were not that far off.

    I heard most of this on
  • dufus indeed

    So 9/11 was an "inside job"? Not exactly the best advertisement for net neutrality. It's a pretty long bow to draw a parallel between Conroy's "wont someone think of the children" hype and 9/11.

    Let's keep the discussion on-topic.
  • Rufus is Right on Target

    In order to understand the system's desire to control the net, you have to understand who controls the system.

    In order to control any given population you have to control the flows of that population's capital and information. This means you must control the banks and the media conglomerates.

    A tiny handful of Jewish men control both. These men fear that White men will successfully resist their domination of the world and therefore they are engaged in a genocide against the White race. The drive to control the net is a blatant attempt to silence the rising number of White men who are awakening to this fact.