I/O 2013: Google Plus getting 41 updates

I/O 2013: Google Plus getting 41 updates

Summary: Hangouts is getting some treatment similar to Facebook Messenger with its own app rolling out.


SAN FRANCISCO -- Continuing to scroll through the product portfolio at Google I/O on Wednesday, Google Plus is getting a major overhaul 41 new features across Hangouts, Photos and a newly designed "Stream."
With a focus on promoting and organizing content across multiple columns, the Google Plus team described that the new stream is about "design and depth."

In reflection of just how vital hashtags have become to social networking, Google Plus is getting a new feature dubbed "Related hashtags," analyzing the content of a post and Google will designate the appropriate hashtags.

Users will then be able to flip Cards (similar to what is available on Google Now) and see content based on related topics as well as current locations.

These new changes will begin rolling out to all users starting today.

Hangouts, arguably one of the more popular functions on Google's social network, is being broken out into its own mobile app, also launching today.

Much like the Facebook Messenger app as well as Apple's FaceTime and iMessage, it offers Plus members a chance to communicate with more contacts at once away from texting and voice plans.

As for Photos, Google is expanding upon the Instant Upload feature and relying more heavily on the cloud. More pointedly, Google Plus team members remarked, "Your darkroom is now a datacenter."

Many of the updates and additional features for photo editing build upon the Picasa toolset for improving image quality, color, and auto-enhancements.

The update that garnered the most applause from audience goers was an area referred to as "Awesome," which basically taps into the GIF craze with a Vine-like video builder.

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  • 41 new features....

    great, 41 more reasons to continue not using G+
    • Huh?

      How does your response even make sense?
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Luddites


        when G+ was released people where expecting a facebook replacement. when they didnt get that they wrote G+ off as a failure and never went back.

        G+ is more than FB could ever be. its the centre of a google users experience. in a very short time every aspect of google will somehow involve G+
        mini mansell
        • No use reponding anymore...

          ...to those insistent on telling everyone they don't use G+.

          At almost two years in, anyone that still feels the need to point that out is just illustrating angst with the fact that G+ is still around. For whatever reason some folks are so emotionally against the idea of G+ succeeding that they can't seem to cope with the fact that others do use and enjoy the service.
          Marc Ello
        • Luddites?

          If I were a Luddite, I wouldn't even be posting this here comment, let alone buying things like Android on a stick, new mobile phones way too often, replacing my GF's iPhone screens every other week (lol) and yadda yadda yadda.

          But go on, call me old fashioned; I do have my own shoe shine kit and I send cards in envelopes to my friends!
      • It makes total sense, Michael

        Look at other comments saying the same thing; they can try and make it as "feature rich" as possible, but it's still a ghost town, AFAIK.
        I for one wasn't looking a FB replacement, but I was hoping for something that would compel me to use it. That hasn't happened to me yet. Good on those it has happened to, no harm no foul.
        • My streams have plenty of activity

          I don't see how people who actually try to use it aren't seeing activity.

          And I wouldn't bother citing ZDnet people as proof. Everyone has an agenda.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • ...wouldn't bother citing ZDnet people as proof. Everyone has an agenda...

            ..and a Zune apparently : )
            Marc Ello
          • I wish

            I always talked about getting a Zune, but never got one.

            Now I wouldn't bother.
            Michael Alan Goff
  • I/O 2013: Google Plus getting 41 updates

    41 updates and still no one uses it. Google just keeps pumping that money into their failed social media platform.
    • ?

      Is that really what you think...?
      • Yes it is

        if it wasn't I wouldn't have said it.
        • Loverock-Davidson...You'd say anything

          Some things never change and your one of them.............
          Over and Out
    • "No one" < "The number of people on Google Plus"

      There are plenty of people using Google Plus. We're just not going around bashing others with our undeserved superiority complexes. Okay, I am right now, but you asked for it, +Loverlock-Davidson. :)
      • I haven't seen these plenty of people

        Really, everyone I ask all say they don't use it. The only reason Google has anyone using it is because when you sign up for any type of Google account it forces you to have a g+ account.
        • Not true.

          I have two Google accounts that don't have anything related to G+. Obviously, the people on google plus don't know you. That doesn't mean they don't exist.

          +1000 members in a Disc Golf community
          +1000 members in a Bike Commuter community
          +100000 members in several photography communities

          These are highly active communities, and there's way more than just this to prove you're sooo wrong.
    • apparently actors/singers use G+ regularly

      just google a famous person's name if they use G+ their last post will be shown there like Hugh Jackman for one...i have seen it a lot!
  • damn

    if only i had known no one was using Google+ i could have not been involved in the active communities i am now.
    Loverock. maybe it seems empty to you because your just going in with your eyes closed
    mini mansell
    • Or maybe I don't see anyone using it

      My eyes are open its just that no one is in there. Ask around of how many of your friends use it and you'll see the numbers are below 1.
      • Loverock-Davidson....Maybe its time for you to take off the BLINDERS

        It must be over yous comprehension level if you haven't figured out how to use it. Just another Loverock Davidson FAIL.....End Of Story.
        Over and Out