iOS 6.1.3 upgrade could cause misery for your battery, users moan

iOS 6.1.3 upgrade could cause misery for your battery, users moan

Summary: An update to the most recent version of the Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 6.1.3, has left some users complaining that it is draining their battery excessively.

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Apple's iOS 6.1.3 update, intended to fix a security vulnerability in a previous version of the software, has been causing the battery on users' handsets to drain quickly, as well as leaving a new lock-screen security flaw in place.

The update was released towards the beginning of last week in order to fix the initial lock-screen flaw, but users quickly began reporting on the Apple Technical Support forums and on Twitter that the battery life of their handsets had been draining much more quickly since installing the update.

"Last night I updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1.3 and now it drains my battery in extremely fast manner. As I started signing in to write this question from my iPhone I already lost 13 percent of my battery. I never had a problem with a battery and I've been using iPhones since the first one," Timurjonchik wrote on Apple's forums on Thursday.

Others echoed the sentiment with similar complaints, including reports of dead batteries causing several people to miss their morning alarms.

The problems seem to be affecting devices regardless of mobile network or which model of the iPhone each person has.

"I'm not sure if the software varies at all between carriers but I'm on AT&T, not Verizon. My phone would hold 100 percent charge for over five hours on standby. Now within an hour it drains to 85 percent," a user by the name of TMercier added on the forum.

Other users have said that the problems can be mitigated by measures such as performing a hard reset and cycling battery charges. However, it seems that these do not help everyone.

"I have hard reset, cycled charges between 20 percent and full drain, removed apps in quick-switch, and there is zero improvement," TMercier added.

Other forum members suggested that switching off automatic updates for things such as email would extend the lifespan of the battery.

Apple had not responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

Topics: Apple, Mobility, Tablets

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  • The same effect happened before on a recent update but went away

    The same excessive battery drain was observed on a recent iOS 6.1.1 update. Just do an internet search on that update issued last February for a memory refresh.

    The effect only lasted a few days and then everything returned to normal for me. I suspect certain software optimization or update processes are going on in the background that effects initial battery performance after an update is installed.

    Give it a few days. All will be good I predict.
    • Hope your prediction comes true

      "Give it a few days. All will be good I predict."

      My prediction has already come true. I predicted that a swarm of astro-turfers from apple's marketing department would descend onto ZDNet in order to tell us that all is fine and this isn't real.
      • Not even close.

        Good grief, ToddBottom. kenosha77a is probably the most rational member here but I guess in your world anyone who doesn't hate Apple is a paid shill.
        • kenosha is cool

          I quoted him because of his prediction line, not because I count him as your peer in the apple shill department. Are you and vulpinemac going out for coffee later to compare notes?
          • Again not even close!

            I'm an Apple user even though I have my own problems with them but I do come here and post the odd message trying to defend them against irrational hate...n/c
          • You have the stench of an apple paid shill on you

            That's just what I've witnessed from your "defend the hive" posts.
          • Unfortunate

            It's alarming that you've attached yourself to a company you dislike and products you don't use. Individuals will usually seek out others with similar interests and work to keep up with the new on products that they use or have an affinity.

            However when someone makes it a mission to inject themselves into conversations that they have neither a like nor interest there may be other personal issues that should to be addressed.

            It makes little rational sense for someone to use their time to argue with whom they have no common shared view especially on topics on which they don't or shouldn't care. For example I don't own an Android phone so I don't bother to read articles on Android devices, and for sure wouldn't comment, as I have no horse in that race and frankly have better things to do!

            I would urge you to do some self-reflection and consider if there isn't something else driving your on-line behavior. You seem to not think of and treat others here not as people but merely extensions of, and objects to, your hate of Apple.

            In all I see this as unfortunate as I'm sure you have something valuable that would add to the conversation but it's lost in your messages of hate and intolerance.
          • No, I have a real job.

            And my posts here are few and far between, mostly defensive and rarely attacking. I would have to be someone who posts daily, multiple times, with a constant anti-company barrage to be considered a paid shill.
            And I wouldn't even know where to sign up. Can you tell me where I would go should I ever decide on a career like that? Did you answer one of those "my cousin makes $$$ from home" posts?
      • I hope my prediction comes true as well. Grin.

        As you recall, Todd, when the iOS 6.1.1 update's issue with excessive battery drain was reported in the blogsphere last February, I was one of the first to post a comment on ZDNet indicating that I had experienced this behavior on my iPhone 5. It was rather shocking. I did notice at the time that my iPhone 5 was warmer than normal indicating something was going on.

        However, after a few days, this behavior was gone and normal battery charge duration levels returned for me.

        I have to report that this time around with the iOS 6.1.3 update, I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary on my iPhone 5. And, I have experienced no decrease in battery charge duration times.

        But that's just me. I don't doubt some phones are suffering from this observed behavior. But again, I think it will go away in a few days if my theory that some update or optimization process is going on in the background.
        • um no

          I've had this problem since I got my iPhone 5 back in September. I've tried everything anyone has suggested on the Apple discussions and nothing has ever worked. I serious doubt waiting a couple of days fixes the problem(if you actually had the problem) because it hasn't for me or any of the 516,911 viewers for one particular battery issue forum.

          David Infante
      • Fortunately your Lumia 920 doesn't have battery issues.
        • Fortunately my Nokia Lumia 920 doesn't have that issue

          So according to apple fanboys, does that mean that the issue doesn't exist?
          • You mean the one from Fisher Price?

            I'm not sure anyone would trust you with reality.
          • No.

            But according to you, it's a huge problem with the iPhone

            Cue the double standards.
          • I'm sure you carry a spare battery

            For your Lumia, so it's not a problem for you.
    • Resetting my Exchange Account Fixed this for me

      Resetting my Exchange Mail Fixed this for me. This bug appeared before and the solution was to delete and add Exchange. Hopefully Apple will fix this soon.
      • Typical Apple

        I've not got an exchange account on my iPhone just icloud! I've done a fresh install as a 'new' phone & still drains my battery

        Think ill be moving to Samsung S3 in next few weeks apple can't seem to get it right!
        • Kudos on the decision to go Samsung

          Samsung is doing such a great job right now.

          Hope everything works out well with your new phone.
        • Sorry to hear that didn't work

          It still seems to have done the trick on mine. I'm at 80% after 5 hours of use this morning.

          Good luck with S3.
  • I've seen updates cause this.. But most of the time it's a App.

    Example certain App's like Waze do not stop in the background. Waze does that because it is using the GPS will drastically cut down on your battery life. If your having a problem with your battery, try to make sure that your phone is charged and all apps are closed out. That way you can at least point the finger as to what is the cause.