iOS 6 features: How do Windows Phone and Android ICS compare?

iOS 6 features: How do Windows Phone and Android ICS compare?

Summary: Apple's iOS 6 beta pushes the smartphone platform into new territory with VoIP calling over data networks, revamped Siri features and a whole new mapping app. But how do its Android and Windows Phone rivals compare on the key updates?

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  • Browsing on iOS 6

    Web browsing and offline reading
    The updates in iOS 6 make it the first major mobile platform to support offline browsing using the native browser, in this case Safari.

    Windows Phone and Android both suffer here, as they offer no in-built options for offline reading of web pages. However, they both have third-party apps that can do this, albeit slightly less graciously than a native option.

    Its competitors' lack of native offline support means Apple currently has a jump on its rivals. However, with hundreds of thousands of apps on the Google Play store, people can be sure to find one with the features they want. Unfortunately, due to the size of the Windows Phone ecosystem right now, I can't say the same for that OS, particularly not if you are looking for a free version.

    Image credit: James Martin/CNET News

  • Skype on Windows Phone

    Also on the list of key changes in iOS 6 is the ability to make VoIP calls with FaceTime over a mobile data network, as opposed to only being able to use the app on a Wi-Fi network.

    As with offline web browsing, third-party apps such as Skype provide the VoIP calling in Android and Windows Phone.

    While Facetime's native capabilities give Apple an advantage of sorts, it's up for debate how widely the app will be used. Myself, I have no desire to walk down the street shouting at my phone to be heard (while potentially running the risk of walking into a lamp post). This means VoIP calls tend to be reserved for when I'm indoors, and therefore tend to be near a laptop.

    Image credit: Ben Woods

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