iOS 7.1 grabs 21 percent usage share in 3 days

iOS 7.1 grabs 21 percent usage share in 3 days

Summary: After three days, iOS 7.1 has been installed on over a fifth of active iOS devices. Compare this to the latest version of Android, which after over four months is only at 2.5 percent.

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The Android 4.4 "KitKat" update has been out since 31 October, 2013 and, as of the beginning of this month, it was running on 2.5 percent of Android devices. On the other hand, Apple released iOS 7.1 on Monday, and after only three days it has already been installed on 21 percent of iOS devices.

The data, which is based on metrics released by analytics firm Mixpanel:

iOS usage share
(Source: Mixpanel)

This data aligns with data provided by Apple that claimed that 83 percent of iOS devices were running iOS 7 before iOS 7.1 was released.

(Source: Apple)

The second most popular version of iOS is iOS 7.0.6, which is running over 36 percent of iOS devices. This version was released February 21, and patched a serious security vulnerability affecting SSL verification.

iOS 7.1 brought with it a mix of interface improvements and tweaks, as well as numerous bug fixes and security patches.  

The speed and ferocity with which iOS users upgrade to the latest version shows they are clearly interested in new versions of mobile operating systems. Android users may be interested in versions and updates as well, but those updates have to go through a long system that puts huge roadblocks in the way of getting those updates to end users.

Whenever Google releases a new version of Android, device OEMs have to customize the release, then add their own tweaks and personalizations. For smartphones and tablets that are hooked to a carrier contract, the carriers have to add their own branding.

The problem is made worse by the fact that neither the OEMs of the carriers feel there's much of a benefit in pushing free software updates to customers, and would rather focus on selling owners a new device.

Topic: Mobility

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  • useless stat

    They pretty much force it on you so the % is meaningless.
    • Huh???

      What "force"???
      • Not the right thinking

        79% has failed to upgrade. Unlike Android and Win Phone, Apple's one-size-fits-all systems are self contained and should have 100% upgraded. Why are they failing so badly? Do people not like iOS 7?
        Sean Foley
        • you didn't read it........

          "after only three days it has already been installed on 21 percent of iOS devices." In your line of thinking you should be asking Do people not like Android 4.4?

          I've not been forced to update, that's rubbish.

          Never a problem when I do upgrade and 7.1 is a marked improvement in performance.
          • metric may not be relevent

            If one updates a virus definition file to keep the security update, one would expect 100% compliance - that should be the milestone.

            In this case, one should compare. For example, in an organization I consult, the 60k+ employees were mandated to upgrade on a 48 hour notice due to security holes in IOS.
          • exactly

            There were many many security flaws fixed in iOS 7 NEVER released on iOS 6.

            In essence they only support ONE release.
            While some critical fixes were retrofitted it was the exception to the rule and only for some older devices that cant run 7

            If you not on the latest release your running unpatched software with known vulnerabilities. PERIOD.
          • Too true...

            Mobile updates are becoming a serious reason i'm considering apple this summer. I love the about to be released Z2, and I've been waiting for more info on the new One (not really a sam-fan) but the fact that it takes so long to get updates (if at all) is a real issue for me. I had thought going straight from google may be the solution until only the 4 got a kitkat update
          • Greywolf8577, you are trying to reason with fandroid trolls - not worth it

            They are obviously in denial - I love the pathetic attempts to try to twist the story. Here's one of my favorites this week - LeBron James, who is a spokesman for the Galaxy Note phablet line, just had android wipe out his entire phone. "My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted," tweeted LeBron James. "One of the sickest feelings I've ever had in my life!!!" Most likely due to a phone call from Samsung yelling at him, he deleted the message, but not before it was retweeted a thousand times. I love it. He must not have activated a backup system like the iPhone has BUILT IN WITH ITUNES AND ICLOUD!!
          • well...

            two things:
            1) I personally couldn't give a crap about what LeBron James thinks about much of anything, since IT really isn't his line of work, is it?
            2) the problem that he describes, is most likely a problem with his Samsung DEVICE, not a fault of android. I have never had my android devices de-install themselves. I have however had hardware go on the blink, but see no reason to presume this to be an android defect and neither did the hardware vendor who replaced it with no questions asked.
          • Wow that looks like that quote

            really hurt ... sorry about that.
        • Perhaps...

          ...there are some, like me, who are using older units (iPad I) that CAN'T be upgraded, eh? Fewer than 100% upgrades just shows that Apple equipment lasts so long that it may outlive the upgrade capability, but still be useful.
          • To be fair all android equipment

            Outlives its updates!
          • Not really, MarknWill

            I don't know how many people I know that went through a couple of Galaxy S3 and S4 devices in a period of 2 years while I only needed a new piece of glass for the back of my iPhone 4.
          • There may have been a misunderstanding...

            My point was that you'd be very lucky to receive 18 months of updates on your 2yr contract with android, not iPhone reliability.

            Although this isn't reliability as you are talking about physical damage. Strangely enough in my experience apple are the cheapest when it comes to physical damage - my old s3 screen cost my £165, my wife's iphone 5 screen was £119 ... Although its fair to say bigger screens cost more! I had a 3g and paid somewhere around £80 for the screen i think.
          • @MarknWill - I wish that was true.

            My son just gave up on Samsung Galaxy. He was on his 3rd - yes that's right 3rd warranty update in 15 months (it's a 24 month contract!) and gave up. He used his own money and chucked the Android/Galaxy SIII and went with an iPhone. He's tired of lockups reboots etc. His call not mine. I could care less I like having Android at home with my kids so I can play an another Mobile OS.
        • Not like iOS 7?

          No, it's only been 3 days....the point of the article.
        • Troll much?

          Seriously, this sort of comment can only be a troll (or cluelessness). It has only been 3 days and there is over 20% adoption. By your logic 98% of Android users have failed to upgrade after 4 months. According to you, they must REALLY hate their operating system. Heck, most people I know just have not noticed the update yet.
        • Re: Apple's one-size-fits-all....

          Oh as if Windows 8.whatever isn't a one size fits all. Trying to get a Tablet operating system to work on the Desktop.
        • read again android fan

          I guess you didnt read, in only 3 days yes 3 days
        • Yes, people don't lke iOS7

          At least I don't like it on my iPhone4. It makes my phone slow and sluggish. After upgrading to iOS7, I downgraded it back to iOS6. Does not matter how many bug fixes are in iOS7. It is rubbish if I can't use my phone efficiently.