iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 together on video

iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 together on video

Summary: A friend loaned me his Galaxy Note 8.0 and this video shows it side-by-side with the iPad mini.


The Galaxy Note 8.0 is the latest tablet from Samsung that has the S Pen for handwritten input and artwork. It competes directly with the iPad mini and the video below shows the two side-by-side. 

The speed of each is shown, and neither has an advantage in that department. The higher resolution of the Note 8.0 (1280x800) is better than that of the iPad mini (1024x768). Both are shown playing YouTube video with ease and in HD.

Audio quality of both is compared with a slight nod going to the iPad mini in this listener's ears. Both have stereo speakers located on the bottom edge of the screen in portrait orientation. 

Special thanks to Jim Bratton of Houston for loaning me his new Galaxy Note 8.0 for use in this video. Jim is a master of voiceovers, whose voice you may have heard somewhere — you can find him on his web site.

If you are planning on getting an 8-inch tablet, this video may help you decide on either the Galaxy Note 8.0 or the iPad mini. It's not intended to push you one way or the other; you should go with the platform that fits your needs. Both of these tablets are good at what they do and will make a good addition to the mobile tool kit.

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  • IPad Vs. Note

    Thanks for nice review. I like these video shows they are very helpful, and gives good perspective view.

    I use both iPad and Nexus7 and find out that for daily use the Nexus serves me better, but for reading, internet surf, music the iPad is much much better. Like or dislike one or other tablet is also matter of the eco-system that each of us is using. MS and Apple users will prefer iPad and Googlers Note or Nexus.

    As for the S-pen, at beginning I thought nice gadget, but since it came out, I saw many people using it and they all like it. It is very interesting to see that stylus is back for life after 10 years. :-)

    • I have chosen Galaxy Note 8

      After many hesitations what device to buy, I went for the Samsung Galaxy note 8. It has the most sophisticated features than the ones I checked and is very light. Also galaxy note is a number one device for design features. It stylus app is not found in other devices and it is perfect to modify pictures.

      I have a full list of Galaxy Note 8 features I like and dislike, see them all here:

  • samsung does have a real advantage in some ways

    I read a review that said "another boring android tablet hitting the market. " There's really only so much you can do hardware wise with a rectangle. We are seeing 'exciting' new 'innovative' form factors from windows, like the surface and yoga and they are not exactly setting the market on fire. At some point on a tablet, a mature form factor, it comes down to software.

    The samsung layer software addtions which are becomming a 'must have' in my opinion. But I prefer using nexus devices for typical reasons. I wish someone would come up with a custom layer like samsungs, that was a low cost add-on from the play store.
    • 350,000 tablet specific application on iPad

      350,000 tablet specific application on iPad

      No competition
      Henry 3 Dogg
      • 350,000 ways to buy the same app twice

        iOS needs tablet specific apps because they don't scale well with the difference in aspect ratio between iPad and iPhone.
        On Android the same app scales any resolution and aspect ratio because Android UI is scalable in design in the OS.
        • Your posts are always so tedious...

          since you only have a superficial understanding on the topics you post with authority about, mostly only for the purpose of trolling. Here is yet another example. First, much of the groundwork for resolution independence was in iOS well before Android. So, for instance, any coded graphics that use Core Services are already resolution independent. For a number of reasons that are clearly beyond your competence level, Apple chose to implement a transitionary mechanism for current apps for supplementary files. But this mechanism does NOT require tablet specific apps. Please provide ANY citation to that effect. Good luck with that because you are wrong, and, as usual, have no idea what you are talking about. All that is required is supplementary graphics resources labeled @2X. Same app. Period.
          The tablet specific apps are NOT made due to resolution and aspect ratio concerns, but because using a layout designed for small phone screens is quite often a VERY inefficient use of space when blown up to tablet size. Having resolution independence does not help you out here. That is why there are tablet-specific apps for Android as well. If resolution independence were what you claimed, there would be no need for such.
  • The real win is the n5100 which is voice-enabled

    While the test was using the n5110, the n5100 (out in a couple weeks) will be voice-enabled (basically an 8-inch phone with stylus).

    While Apple wants you to own a phone and a tablet by steadfastly refusing to voice-enable their 3g tablets, Samsung is clearly trying do one better. I know plenty of real estate agents that would love an 8-inch tablet/phone as an all-in-one converged device. I'm sure there are other industries where that would apply.

    Apple needs to start innovating. They seem to have forgotten that the reason the iPhone took off was because way back in the age of WAP, the iphone allowed you to surf the regular web with a pocket device. Guess what? The regular web has become more complicated, and it is definitely more convenient to do a lot of things using a bigger screen than the iPhone5 has to offer.
  • Note 8 has infrared as well

    you can use the note 8 to remote control your AV devices and air conditioner etc.
    now when your at the airport watching a TV screen and you want to change the channel or turn up/down the volume, you can do it with the Note 8!
  • I have the Galaxy Note 8

    and I really like it. I've not ever used an ipad, so I can't compare, but what I do like is the pen, and how if you hover, it acts like a mouse over and pops up a label. Also, you can scroll using the hover functionality.

    I've only had it a week, and really like it.
  • Browser claim is wrong

    Browsers open the same page as you say but it's clear that Galaxy Note 8.0 is being redirected and shows the mobile optimized page for small phones while iPad shows the full version for normal browsers. So, I believe you're wrong in your assessment about "smart browser zooming".
  • What I Like About The Galaxy Note 8

    I just bought one recently and really love it. I can't believe how smooth the handwriting software is. In my case, being a southpaw, it doesn't leave any smudges like a pen or pencil.

    Read my review here: http://www.squidoo.com/samsung-galaxy-note-8-0-price-and-review
  • More offers with iPad

    Between Samsung and iPad I prefer 100% iPad. In terms of supply apps is more interesting, especially for productivity apps, I use Beesy on iPad daily to manage my projects and so far I'm happy with this tool.