iPad mini with 4G ships early, world rejoices

iPad mini with 4G ships early, world rejoices

Summary: In a classic "under promise, over deliver" move, Apple has begun shipping cellular-capable iPad minis ahead of the originally estimated November 21 date.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPad

I have to admit to being a little suspicious. When Apple announced that its iPad mini with WiFi would ship about two weeks ahead of the LTE-capable model I immediately put on my conspiracy hat. "Ah, they're shipping the Wi-Fi models first so that everyone will buy it, pass it down the line, and purchase the LTE model a few weeks later." While admittedly cynical, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility either. 


Regardless of what you think about the motives behind Apple's product timing, it gave customers that ordered an LTE-capable iPad mini a nice little surprise this morning. I woke up to a text message from Apple that my LTE iPad mini would "deliver Nov 16, 2012." Sure enough, Apple's Order Status page notes that my unit left Shenzhen, China on Novemeber 13. 

Then Jason did a happy dance. 


Sure enough, a trip to the FedEx tracking page reveals that the coveted LTE iPad mini will indeed arrive on November 16, 2012 - three business days ahead of the November 21 that Apple's been promising. (MacRumors reports that some people have been quoted Thursday, November 15 for delivery).

So, was it a logistical efficiency that Apple didn't anticipate? Maybe the day before Thanksgiving is too hectic to deliver millions of iPads? Who knows, but color me one happy dude. I know what I'll be doing next week. 

The bigger question is about the iPad mini as a product. For me, the mini the iPad I've always wanted (except with a Retina Display, natch). Being a writer, I'm never far from one of my MacBooks -- I need a device with a keyboard, trackpad and multiple windows open at that same time thankyouverymuch. For me, the iPad is strictly a consumption device, it's my couch/bed, read-when-I-have-15-minutes machine. In my use-case a 10-inch tablet suddenly feels too bulky

But that's me.

What's your iPad use case? Do you use it as a computer replacement or as an ancillary/weekend/vacation machine? Where does it fit into your daily workflow?

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPad

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  • Crickets....

    Yep.. that's the sound of the world rejoicing alright...
    • I've lost count

      of the number of previously sane people running around madly proclaiming the second coming has arrived with the news of the ipad mini 4g release.
      Little Old Man
      • Little Old Man you know Loverock Davidson isn't standing on line either

        Loverock Davidson only stands on line for something called Surface?.....
        Over and Out
        • Hi!

          Hello there!!!
          Loverock Davidson-
          • 4G for AUS

            Why can't they get something out to Australia. So disappointed with their recent release.
      • Wow

        Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)
    • So true, but...

      the only reason Apple pushed this forward was because Google just announced the availability of the new Nexus 7 with LTE/3G for $299. The comparable iPad Mini is $559!

      Apple falls further behind the 8 ball.
  • Wow

    It's funny that 2 years ago Apple would take it's sweet time on taking out products and ever since Microsoft announced the Surface it has taken out how many products since the iPad 3? Well the iPhone 5 was already a given since last year.

    I'm not a Apple user nor have I ever liked any of the Apple products since I sat in front of a MAC OS 8 but I do hope they come up with something new and not another updated product. Because of the iPhone we have Droids and now we have Windows on ARM tablets. So what's next for Apple...I don't think they will be able to keep up with the rest of the world.
    • Troll FUD

      "I'm not a Apple user nor have I ever liked any of the Apple products since I sat in front of a MAC OS 8"

      OS8? For goodness sakes. What if you read that someone did not like Windows since v3.1?

      "So what's next for Apple...I don't think they will be able to keep up with the rest of the world."

      And yet Apple will sell more iPad minis in one weekend than MS will sell of Surface in quarter. Who needs to catch-up? Sales of Surface are already being described by Ballmer as modest - and that comes form the king of exaggeration and hyperbole. If he is saying modest, the reality is more like appalling!
      • Modest & King Exaggeration

        Like if Jobs was any different. TROLL...funny! What is with the insult. You must be a Apple fan. Perhaps I should have explain my experience with the MAC OS 8.

        The first time I sat in front of MAC OS 8 was in High School for a lab project (back in 2000) which the software on MAC OS 8 was terrible compared to Office 2000 or even Office 98. I had to use a MAC OS 8 while others were using Win98/Win2k with Office 2000 so you can imagine my frustration of using Apple instead of having the privilege of using Office 2000. After that experience I used Windows OS from there on and at some point in 2002-2003 used Linux Red Hat but then went back to Windows OS.

        "And yet Apple will sell more iPad minis in one weekend than MS will sell of Surface in quarter. Who needs to catch-up?" It is so funny that Apple users always come up with the iPhone or iPad. I still do not understand why people buy ARM/Apple tablets. There is nothing that a ARM or Apple tablet can do that a smartphone is capable of doing.

        Really what can a ARM or Apple tablet do that a smartphone cannot? It is a waste of MONEY. I can see kids or teenagers using it to browse the web/youtube or playing mediocre games. Sorry, I should have said there is nothing that an average user can do with a ARM or Apple tablet that can be done on a smartphone.

        So again...what is next? Microsoft ARM tablet is okay and if it was not for the Office suite it would be as useless as the rest of the ARM or Apple tablets. The real Microsoft product will be the Surface Pro not the ARM and the way ASIA (SAMSUNG) is progressing they will probably overtake the smartphone market. So what is next? Apple rushing these products probably means they are working on something else to relase on the market and they are just trying to keep customers around.

        For one I cannot WAIT to see what Apple is coming up with because then other companies will come up with a less narrow minded product.
  • Not an Apple user at all, but ....

    I do agree with your concluding paragraph (inserting the HW brand/platform of your choice).

    I too see a world where the 7" inch tablet is the perfect portability/consumption device and a notebook with a proper keyboard is the best work/productivity device.

    I can certainly see users with simpler needs settling for a 10" tablet and forgoing the personal computer with a proper full sized keyboard altogether. I find it interesting that the Mini does not seem to be selling as well as anticipated. Whether this is an Apple tablet saturation phenomenon or a size factor remains to be seen.


    I am a bit unsure of the role of the large screen phones such as the Galaxy Note 2. Do you get a smaller phone and a 7" tablet or can a Note 2 play the role of both? I guess it all boils down to personal preferences.
    • Just curious

      Would the person who flagged my post above have the guts to fess up and explain the reasons? I somehow doubt it, because they would be pretty weak imho.

      I guess I must have made some really good shill/fan boy friends here. Their vindictive petty mindedness it truly astounding, but that seems to go along with the shill/fan boy personality. Not surprised really. It only reinforces my view of them as a pretty pathetic bunch of human beings.

      And if it gives YOU (the guilty party) some sick satisfaction, please go ahead an flag this post too, several times if you can get away with it. It says nothing about me and my post, but speaks volumes about you.
      • Welcome to the club, DTL

        the same people here get flagged all the time by the same "handful" of people, even if all they did was to wish someone a happy birthday or something just as innocuous.
        William Farrel
  • I wonder if they'll give actual sales figures for the iPad mini?

    so far Apple's been avoiding that question.
    William Farrel
    • In less than 3 months an Apple answer will be given to that question

      When Apple releases their quarterly statement, all will be revealed. In the greater scope of things, iPad Mini first week sale figures are really not that important. However, estimates based upon Apple sales figures were placed at 2 million for the Mini from a total of 3 million total iPad sales.
      • And why not? they feel releasing numbers very important

        when they sell out of have a "greater then they expected demand".

        What changed?
        William Farrel
      • Also, we've been told repeatedly by a couple of people here

        that a product isn't a success unless they release sales figures.

        Don't want to go against the flow, or anything...
        William Farrel
    • yeah

      been wondering that about amazon's fire, google's nexus and ms surface. ms surface "sold out" as well but, alas, no numbers.
      lots of people avoiding that question, no?
  • Apparently not selling as well as hoped

    If it sold well, numbers would be published by Apple.
    • @john-whorfin

      So I guess that their shipping in two weeks message on their website, is there because, they're intentionally holding back supplies to make it look as if it is selling well?
      Said so the strawman.