iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to be unveiled September 12: rumor

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to be unveiled September 12: rumor

Summary: It's no surprise that Apple has a new iPhone in the works, but the iPad Mini is a far more speculative.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, iOS, iPhone, iPad

Hot on the heels of more iPhone 5 component leaks, the rumor mill has now churned up a date for the release of both the highly anticipated iPhone 5 and an entirely new device -- the iPad Mini.

According to iMore -- and supported by AllThingsD and The Verge -- Apple has picked Wednesday, September 12th as the date that the Cupertino giant will unveil the new iPhone to the world.

There's little doubt that a new iPhone is incoming, although we won't know when we'll see it for sure until Apple starts sending out press invites and won't know for sure what new features it will have until we see it in Tim Cook's hand. There are strong claims that suggest the iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch screen, have a metal backed chassis, feature a shrunken 19-pin dock connector, include NFC technology, and possibly be made of a super-tough amorphous alloy called LiquidMetal.

The iPad Mini rumors are far more speculative. There have been no alleged component leaks and nothing to go on beyond rumor and tech gossip. The justification for the iPad Mini seems to revolve around the success of 7-inch tablets such as Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7. Amazon and Google both have a 7-inch tablet, so Apple needs one too.

The problem with the iPad Mini is that while it is technically possible for Apple to design and build a 7-inch tablet, the problem is pricing the device. It has to be competitive in the face of the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, but not priced so low as to cannibalizes sales of the higher-priced -- and higher profit margin -- full-sized iPad.

Last week, engineer Ryan Jones published a note relating to the supposed iPad mini and highlighted how Apple has created market disruption by selling cheaper iPhones and iPods. Jones points out how Apple has used a combination of three strategies to bring cheaper products to market. These are:

  • Create a new product line;
  • Keep selling old hardware;
  • Get someone else to subsidize the product.

He also posted an interesting graphic showing every current model of iPhone, iPod, and iPad graphed by price. It's an interesting graphic that clearly shows the price point that Apple would need to hit for any smaller iPad.

That graphic raises an interesting question. Do buyers want a smaller iPad -- that is, a device with a smaller footprint or form factor -- or are they looking for a cheaper iPad?

If the market wants a smaller iPad then Apple is going to have to get its thinking cap on and come up with a whole new class of device, and price it to fit into the blank space in the chart above. But if Apple wants to sell a cheaper iPad then the solution for this could be in the form of subsidized iPads.

In my opinion, the case for the iPad Mini hasn't been made.

Image source: CNETRyan Jones.

Topics: Apple, Hardware, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • The Launch Of iPhone 5 Is Set To Be 21st September !

    iPhone 5 is expected to loaded with iOS 6 and 1 GB RAM. However, the size of screen is still a mystery as few blogs have claimed it to be 4.6 inch while many others specified it to be same 4-inch screen with higher resolution than iPhone 4S.
    Whatever it may be, but one thing is clear that industry is gearing up to witness another revolution in the form of iPhone 5 launch in September – early to late in the month.
    • They said the same overblown things about the iPhone 4S...

      before it came out and what happened? Most people were disappointed that the screen stayed the same and it had no 4G. But, the iSheep bought it in droves. So it really doesn't matter what Apple announces. The iSheep will buy it regardless.

      BTW, it won't have a higher PPI than the current iPhone. I say that because none of the other so called "retina displays" introduced after the iPhone's have reached the 326 PPI density. They are all less than that including the new iPad.
      • "But, the iSheep bought it in droves."

        Not for long, though. It was supposed to sell for 9 months, it only managed 6.
        • Hardware 2.0 blog = The Apple core blog?

          How unfortunate that such a mediocre person like Adrian is in charge of the blog Hardware 2.0. His limited mental capabilities make him write almost exclusively about Apple, whenever he is not writing bad things about Apple competitors.

          Hardware 2.0 or Apple 2.0?
  • Why You Should Wait For Apple iPad Mini Rather Than Buying Google Nexus 7 !

    iPad Mini is supposed to be powered by iOS 6 and screen size might be 7 or 7.85 inch. Google Nexus 7 don't have rear Camera, 2G/GPRS/EDGE, Memory Card Slot .Are you still interested in Google Nexus 7 or wait for iPad Mini.
    • We have no idea

      We have no idea whether an iPad mini would have a rear camera, but honestly, a rear camera on a tablet is about as useful as a 6th toe. I could absolutely live without it if it allows the manufacturer to make a low price point. As for a memory card slot: I'll eat my hat if Apple includes one on the presumed iPad mini. And as for a cellular plan... I have no idea why anyone would want to pay for a data plan that's tied to a single device rather than just pay for tethering on your phone that can be used with all your devices.

      That's not to say that an iPad mini won't be a big seller or a good device. In fact, if Apple had released an iPad mini two years ago I'd probably be an iOS user rather than Android.
      • Its iPad Mini not the iPad

        Remember, its iPad Mini - a 7 inch tablet. Most of the 7 inch Tablets in market do have data plans and GPRS connectivity. The reason is simple; people use the 7 inch tablet as their mobile too. Therefore 7 inch tablet minus GPRS is surely a big setback.

        Same theory goes with the issue of rear camera...However, I can live without memory card till certain extent. Its a 7-inch Tablet not the full fledged 10 inch beast.

        The comparison between Nexus 7 and iPad Mini may not be a viable option but in any of the case, i feel that iPad should win over Google's first Tablet baby - till Google doesn't grow up.
        • Patent problems?

          Wonder if any maker of a 7" tablet will sue, or at least complain, that Apple is infringing on their design?
          • Did you no.

            That Apple had 7" - 8" Newtons decades before?
          • Know

    • So at what price?

      If you include all those things you list what price point do you think Apple will put on it? $199, $249, $299?

      Interesting considering that their current line of iPods with a 3.5" "retina display" for for $199, $299, and $399.

      See the problem when you have a great tablet like the Nexus 7 at $199 and $249 with a quad-core processor no less.
  • An iPad mini will not be attractive to my bifocal generation at all.

    I have the Retina iPad, and I love it, but a smaller screen would present insurmountable difficulties for me, especially from a keyboard perspective. The younger crowd would probably have no real issues with it, except those with very large hands, so it may sell well with them. If I need portability, my iPhone suffices very nicely, thank you.
    • What? You just contradicted yourself

      Implying that you use your iPhone when you're on the move and presumably leave your iPad at home. So taking the Nexus 7 when you're on the move doesn't make sense because the screen is too small, but the iPhone with a 3.5" screen is fine? That doesn't make sense.

      Why don't you actually take a look at it before saying it's too small. Keyboard shouldn't be a problem especially when used in landscape.
      • I love it

        They're trolling their own people now!

        milo ducillo
  • Why Stop At September??

    Apple Predictions for The Rest of 2012:
    "Oct 23:
    iMemory is released.
    Like the Men In Black gizmo,
    it erases bad memories.
    I tried it and it works.
    I now have no recollection of
    the opening ceremonies of the Olympics."
    More at: http://wp.me/p1VsTV-2le
  • Mini could have some price overlap

    This hypothetical device doesn't have to live exclusively in that emtpy triangle in the graph. If what you really wanted was a 7 inch iPad why not offer a model with all the bells and whistles that costs more than the low end full size model?
    • With a cheaper one

      And also have a cheaper model of course.
    • What do you do with the iPods?

      They're currently priced in that blank zone at $199, $299, and $399. They would have to cut their iPod prices in half or get rid of them altogether to be able to sell the mini ipad at $199, $249, or $299 to compete with the Nexus 7 which has a quad-core processor as well.
    • Take their money

      I can't figure that out either. What immutable law decrees that iPad Mini pricing "must fit in the blank space on the chart"? Horsefeathers. Take the BOM, apply the same gross margin percentage to it that you get on the 10-inch iPads, and there's your price. If the 64G LTE "Mini" comes in at $650, so what?

      Apple is selling iPads as fast as they can build them, even though there are alleged "competitors" out there selling for as little as $100. People don't want those. They want iPads.
      Robert Hahn
  • dont believe the hype

    There will be no iPad mini... stamp it!

    Apple has no reason to make an iPad mini. I cant believe these rumors are picking up steam. If people want a cheaper iPad they can buy a previous generation of the device. 10 inch iPads are the perfect size... no need to conform to the crappy samller devices powered by android. Wait... isnt even the microsoft surface supposed to be 10 inches?? Yeah i dont believe the hype and think the second device released on Sept will be the new gen of iPods...