iPhone 5s reportedly in 'short supply' for Friday's launch

iPhone 5s reportedly in 'short supply' for Friday's launch

Summary: Multiple reports claim the new premium Apple smartphone is in short supply, meaning many customers may have to wait longer before they get their hands on the iPhone 5s.

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If you were looking forward to getting your hands on Apple's latest premium smartphone on Friday when it launches in stores, you may be set for disappointment.

According to AllThingsD's Ina Fried, who spoke to unnamed carrier sources, the premium iPhone 5s may be in short supply. One source called its inventory "grotesquely" low and another described the number of shipments from the technology giant as "disappointing."

It comes just hours after an earlier BGR report, citing similar claims, which suggested the supply of iPhone 5s devices on store shelves would be limited. The report said Apple may be struggling to produce enough devices to meet initial demand, which may be higher than first expected.

Citing the publication's sources familiar with the matter, "there will not be any issue with purchasing [an iPhone 5c] on launch day."

Adding further weight to these claims, 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman also suggested there would be a limited stock of the premium smartphone at Apple retail stores around the United States. Breaking this down, the space gray model is expected to be the most popular, with gold and silver models being "hard to come by" at launch, he said.

One of the earlier concerns cited by analysts by pushing out two new smartphones is that the cheaper iPhone 5c may cannibalize its premium counterpart. Apple received two million pre-orders within the first 24 hours of the iPhone 5's launch last year, but the addition of a new lower-cost iPhone 5c device to the line-up may see customers with lower budgets opt for the cheaper device.

However, the cause behind the short supply issues could be many-fold, including up-stream supply chain constraints, such as difficulty building or manufacturing parts essential for the iPhone 5s.

Earlier on Tuesday, Apple sent a reminder that its latest iPhones were to go on sale this Friday on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile for varying costs and contracts. 

Apple declined to comment to AllThingsD.

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  • iPhone 5s reportedly in 'short supply' for Friday's launch

    Creating more of that false demand. Nothing but a publicity stunt to try to sell more iphones.
    • exactly

      its always the same crap
    • flagging?

      Wow Apple employees trying to prevent people from making fun of their pathetic release.
      You want to flag this comment too ?
    • At least there will be a demand for the 5s

      unlike the non-desirability of Surface, especially RT. How embarrassing to have 6 million sitting in a warehouse the no-one will buy.
  • blah blah blah

    Every single launch its the same exact thing.... And yet you can usually just walk into a store and buy one. Its just more marketing FUD spread by Apple.
    • Just walk in?

      Really, because I tried that for the iPhone 4S, the 4, and the 3GS and none of those were available to just walk in and buy for at least 3 weeks after the release. Get a little more factual instead of just spouting nonsense.
      • Good for you this time.

        It looks like there will be no queuing of the new iphone in apple store this time. That's according to gossips though.
    • So

      What you are saying is those long lines at the Apple stores and carriers when every other iteration of the iPhone was released is simply a marketing lie by Apple? That those lines did not exist? That a week after the release of the iPhone 3G that the carrier lied to me about not having any in stock? Okay I'll call your bluff - where do you live? Why don't you and I get together and head to an Apple Store or a carrier and just walk in and buy an iPhone 5S?
  • Really that bad?

    This just proves that a lot of people fall for these lies, with the attitude, I have to have it because other's can't. Apple has to resort to any means, even if its a lie to try and sell it.
    Apple tries so hard to catch up, and still they are 1 or 2 years behind. Or I could say, they let others try it, when it works, Apple gives it a spin! I am not against apple, I just go with what is new.
  • I'm willing to bet

    that Apple is keeping the Lions' share of its phones for its online and BaM retail operations, because that guarantees them a larger cut of every sale. Either that or the people Ina talked to are from T-Mobile or Sprint.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they move at least a combined 4.5 million phones between 5s launch day and the beginning of October.
  • More Apple BS/FUD

    "If" they did not have the supply ready, all they had to do was set the launch date back by two weeks...unless they did this on purpose...Apple create fake buzz on purpose....say it isn't so....
  • or.....

    Just maybe, their supply chain issues are slowing production.

    But if your sad conspiracy allows you to sleep better at night, knock yourself out. To most of us this is really not a big deal.

    Sleep tight Putz.
  • "I see the trolls are out in force"

  • And the media plays it like a fiddle

    Or is played like a fool depending on who's telling the story.

    Either way they are doing the same thing over and over again and (pretending) expecting different results...
  • Re: iPhone 5s reportedly in 'short supply'....

    Has it actually occurred to anyone these reports may well be genuine. Even the most cynical critics of Apple products must recognize the iPhone has always been a class leader along with the excellent iOS. Afterall why do you think Samsung have tried so hard to copy iOS with Android.

    The iPhone 5s is more than an upgrade of Hardware but software as well with the brand new iOS 7.
  • Extra quality control to ensure an unsurpassed user experience.

    The iPhone is largely a hand assembled instrument, as well as the universal Gold Standard of smartphones. I suspect Apple are taking extra care to ensure each one is perfect.

    Yes indeed... It is a joyous day to be an Apple owner.

    It is to rejoice!
    • Don't you Apple cultists have a life?

      Why do you need to worship Apple or any of its devices?

      Do you realize that the way you people look at Apple is the same as with a major religion? Since it's not a recognized religion, perhaps it's a mental disorder? That's very unhealthy, and worthy of a trip to a shrink.

      Think about it people. Apple does make good products and they make a lot of money from them, but, the way you fanatics look at Apple and their devices, is basically "sick".
      • Re: Why do you need to worship Apple or any of its devices....

        Because we speak the truth....

        The Ultimate Laptop = MacBook Pro Retina/Non Retina

        The Ultimate Ultrabook = MacBook Air

        The Ultimate Tablet = iPad Mini

        The Ultimate Smartphone = iPhone

        Apple lead the others follow with inferior products FACT !
      • ...said the most fervent worshipper

        of Microsoft empire.

        Funny how they get mad everytime somebody praise anything Apple related!

        Adornoe, what you think, Apple, again, number one in client customer satisfaction. Didn't saw the Surface in the list! But is because they are sick people, sane people they choose Surface... oh wait...